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Hanson Roberts - Rods/Wands

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Originally Posted by Ann Yu
No, it should be Rods/Fire/Spring, Cups/Spring/Summer, Pentacles/Earth/Autumn, and Swords/Air/Winter
because rods represents "growing", "planting" so it relates to spring when everything is growing.
Cups relates to summer, in the Ace of Cups you can see some lotuses there.
That's the way I see it too; I posted to that effect in another thread (I think the one about Wands vs. Swords, in Talking Tarot?).
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I know that we have lost a few posts here, but I use the same associations as Lurea
Originally Posted by Lurea
I personally tend to associate: Rods/Fire/Summer, Cups/Spring/Water, Pentacles/Earth/Autumn, and Swords/Air/Winter.
I think of snow and ice melting and water starting to flow in the spring. In summer we have the fiery warmth of the sun. Autumn is the time of harvest and reaping the Earth's bounty and in winter the chilly wind blows.
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I may have insight on the whole flowering/fire association. The flowers are shown alive because they are still in use of their own metabolic pathways. I.E. Photosynthesis and Metabolic catabolism. All living things have small controlled fires burning in their mitochondria. This is where energy for life comes from. Plants are able to make their own "fires" using the suns energy to produce sugar to fuel those fires. My take on it. I had trouble understanding the fire relationship until Flavio mention the flower as a conduit to collect energy. And flowers do just that. Green leaves work better though. I would rather have a living wand that a dead stick with a rock on the end, even though Robin Woods wands are much prettier.
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wasn't aarons rod a living rod that never stopped flowering? ......i may be remembering my childhood theology lessons wrong....but it seems to me that could represent any season.
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