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Tarot Pizza deck

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Join Date: 05 Dec 2003
Location: Ontario, Canada
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Hmmm, Page of Cups: Vegetarian Pizza

Mercy, kindness and generosity is the Page of Cups. Vegetarians are those who show compassion to animals, and add a generous helping of mushrooms and green peps to their pizzas. ^__^

Eh, just a thought. Since I love pizza, and I'm vegetarian. Lol.
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rcb30872  rcb30872 is offline
Join Date: 01 Jun 2005
Location: Australia
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Well, according to FantasyWorld I will be just having a plain old boring pizza with just cheese and extra napkins to sop up the excess grease ROFLMAO

Good one, I like!!!

King of Wands - "Will that be delivery or pick up" : "I'll come and pick it up, thanks"

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9 of Swords ... I knew I shouldn't have eaten that pizza ... I feel so ill and Sword 1: There goes the diet. Think of all those calories.
Sword 2: I'll never sleep on such a greasy full stomach
Sword 3: Cheese ... how could I have, it always gives me a migraine
Sword 4: I blew the budget.
Sword 5: How do I know the chicken was fresh ... I'm sure I have salmonella.
Sword 6: Whoever invented home delivery pizza should be skewered.
Sword 7: Oh goddess, I feel sooooo guilty.
Sword 8: What a nightmare, why can't I delay gratification just once!
Sword 9: When I weigh-in at WeightWatchers everyone will know what an awful pig I am.

mythos - who loathes pizza
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rcb30872  rcb30872 is offline
Join Date: 01 Jun 2005
Location: Australia
Posts: 18,911

Great idea mythos


Ace of Cups - better have a bottle of drink with that
Two of Cups - no, better still, better make it two. "Should we bother with the candles tonight, honet" "Nah, it is only pizza, unless of course we have a power cut of course"
Three of Cups - Need to have a pizza after a big night out on the booze with friends
Four of Cups - Pizza again? How boring!!!!!!!!!!!!
Five of Cups - Damn, I dropped it on the floor!!!!!!!!!!
Six of Cups - "Here's some money to get some pizza for the kids dinner"
Seven of Cups - So many choices!!! I won't have this one because I don't like anchoves, I can't eat this one because I am allergic to .....
Eight of Cups - The date didn't turn up for the date at the restaurant, swinging by the pizza shop to take home to eat
Nine of Cups - I ate so much, I think that I will just sit here for awhile, can't possibly move, I feel so full and bloated
Ten of Cups - Whole family is over for dinner, haven't prepared anything, "Do you want pizza everyone?" "Yes please"

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