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"Subscription"for Scion's Liber T Guide

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RaeBelle's Avatar
RaeBelle  RaeBelle is offline
Join Date: 03 May 2006
Location: Pennsylvania, USA
Posts: 2,573

The deck looks quite interesting and it's coming in the mail from Tarot Garden. So please add me to the list! I'll PM my email address.
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Scion's Avatar
Scion  Scion is offline
Join Date: 03 Nov 2004
Location: New York City, US
Posts: 6,612

Just a quick confirmation that I've added all the recent email addresses and requests and that the new draft of the doc should be finished this coming weekend when I have some time to sit with it for a few hours.

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Emily's Avatar
Emily  Emily is offline
Join Date: 14 Feb 2002
Location: England
Posts: 7,664

Wow - so soon Scion - and I've only just printed the last one out.
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rachelcat  rachelcat is offline
XII. The Hanging Cat
Join Date: 30 Oct 2004
Location: Washington, DC
Posts: 3,403

Ooo, ooo, me too! (You probably already have my email.) Thanks so much for doing this! (Shh, don't tell anyone, I haven't printed out the last one, yet. But my replacement Liber-T is in the mail, so I'll be on it soon!)

Thanks again!
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gregory's Avatar
gregory  gregory is offline
Cat on a cold stone roof
Join Date: 01 Jan 2004
Location: The world of the things that could have been.
Posts: 72,249

Me me too too you have my e-mail; I haven't had time to check which version you sent before (I'm packing) but that's OK - send the newest one anyway
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lunakasha's Avatar
lunakasha  lunakasha is offline
Join Date: 28 Feb 2003
Location: Maine, USA
Posts: 7,426

Thanks for the update, Scion....this will be my very first Liber T Guide, and I can't wait to read it!

Very kind of you to share with all of us....thanks again!

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Aure's Avatar
Aure  Aure is offline
Join Date: 20 Jan 2004
Location: Finland
Posts: 332

Dear Scion,

I have a request just in case you happen to have some extra time... Would it be possible to get a version of the pdf that would be easy to print into a booklet?
What I mean is that it would be much easier and lot less paper consuming to print out your excellent guide if it was sized in paper size A4 and in landscape view so that there would be two pages on each paper. Now, the problem is that the pages would have to be organized in such a way that by printing on both sides of the paper and folding, the paging would be in correct order and we would all have a compact little book.

Did anybody understand what I tried to explain? The reason I'm requesting this is that for some reason I have trouble reading from the screen and prefer to print out stuff for studying and printing out 76 pages on individual papers would take so much time not to mention paper.
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Scion's Avatar
Scion  Scion is offline
Join Date: 03 Nov 2004
Location: New York City, US
Posts: 6,612

Hey Aure....

That's an excellent suggestion, and one I've considered as the document has grown in length. My only hesitation is that the text will be so small. And because standard paper sizes are different in different countries, there's no way to format it that would be equally user-friendly all over the globe.

That said it's relatively easy for you to print this PDF on any size paper as a 2-up (meaning 2 document pages per sheet of paper), front and back document, albeit not one that could be stapled and bound. When you have it open in Adobe (or whichever reader) go to PRINT SETUP > PROPERTIES, and then change PAGES PER SHEET to 2. This will give you 2-up printing. Then, opt to print only odd numbered pages which will give you all the fronts of the pages , then put that stack pack into the printer and run the even pages.

What you end up with, though not bindable, uses much less paper and is foldable at the center seam. But the text will be small.

Hope that helps.

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Skydancer's Avatar
Skydancer  Skydancer is offline
Join Date: 06 Dec 2004
Location: Michigan, USA
Posts: 2,209

I would like to be in on your list as well.

Thanks! Have sent PM.

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la-luna's Avatar
la-luna  la-luna is offline
Join Date: 27 Jul 2005
Location: Oost-Vlaanderen Belgium
Posts: 4,236

Put me also on the list - i'm finding new affinities with the liber T thanks to your guide
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