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Inaugural Intensive Deck Study (IDS) Support Thread

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Thanks for starting this thread thorhammer

I will abide by the rules in the first post.
I will not use other decks than the Steele Wizard. I will also not sleep with other decks (I don't really sleep with my decks anyway )

I hope I will do a lot of writing as well, but I can't make rules for that. The moment I think of a rule I feel all my enthusiasm draining away. So...I guess the standard rules are enough for me.
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Yes, yes, yes! OK, I'm going to do this. I pledge to use, study, and read with nothing but my Thoth until the summer solstice.

However, I'm going to allow myself to do occasional card comparisons with the Lo Scarabeo (but no readings) because that is the deck that finally drew me to the Thoth, and it is somewhat related.

I don't have my large Thoth yet (I do have a regular), or the Duquette book, but they should be here any day now. I hear that the Duquette book is available to be read online on several sites, so I'll look into that.

I'll update with a more detailed pledge later. I just couldn't wait to finalize my decision!
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Here we are - the official IDS support and discussion thread! Welcome to all, welcome!
Thanx :o)

Guidelines for Gazel:

* Official start date at the vernal equinox and end date at the autumnal equinox.

* Only the Universal Waite will be used for readings, study, journalling etc.

* I'll handle the deck every day.

* My keywords for reading will be Flow, Intuition, Now.

* That means that all reading materials (internet, books) will not be used during reading the cards, since I'll use the IDS to exercise my reading abilities and my intuition.

* I'll try to get to read for as many "strangers" as possible during the period.

* I'll will use reading materials including 78 degrees of wisdom, Tarot for yourself and other titles, if I find it appropiate for *studying* i.e. after the actual reading (see below).

* I'll study the cards as they turn up in readings. I'll mostly use three card readings and thereby practise elemental and numerical dignities if relevant for the reading. Apart from that I'll try to get a better grip of the Majors and their significance (in readings).

* As for journaling I'll record my readings (positions, meanings etc) in my tarot ringbinder. As for further meditation and reflecting (for seeing the readings in relation to my everyday life) I'll use my diary.

*As for other decks I'll order the Robin Wood for my birthday in july (about halfway through the process) and the Druidcraft and/or the Deviant Moon at the end of the process. I'll just check for completeness etc.

I'm sorry, I dont have acces to a printer. If I had I would print this out and put it in my tarot ring binder. Instead I'll post at my website to make it "official".

I'll add, that I think it will be exciting to take this journey with all of you - all though I also think our travel paths will be so very different ;o)

Love, Gazel.

ETA: Oh Almost forgot to mention that I'm having a baby in about six weeks ... I'll see how that will interfere with this project :o)
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I'm fluffy and here are my rules for myself....

1. Only use the Secret Forest for all studying, reading and handling of cards.

2. Start date unofficially now (flicking through it already, put all my other decks away, made SF smell nicely of cardomom), but officially 19th.

3. Make journal entries of all readings no matter how trivial.

4. Try to stay with it till at least the summer solstice.

5. Always check in with this thread if ever I feel I need to stray.

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Originally Posted by mosaica
I hear that the Duquette book is available to be read online on several sites, so I'll look into that.

If you find it online let me know because I was thinking of buying it for the study but if it is online then that would be super.

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Madame Squee 
Changing IDS deck?


I need to change my IDS deck to the Shakespearian by Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki.

Can I still do that?

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I'm going to commit to The Lovers Path Tarot for 3 months. Maybe longer. I've been watching the discussions while trying to decide what deck to use. Today I just knew. It's weird because this deck was never in the running.

I'm going to read or study with it daily.

The cards are based on myths. I might do further research on these myths .

I'm pretty sure I'll do exercises from books like Tarot for yourself and Tarot games.

My readings and exercises will go into my 2008 tarot journal.
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Wow-our "little" group sure is growing!

I'm really happy to have so many people participating! It makes it all seem like more of a community effort than just a singular activity.

Welcome everyone!
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Hello, I'm Oddity, and I will be joining this project with nothing fancier than a plain old RWS in my hand. Pocket-sized, so it can go with me whenever possible.

My purpose with the Intensive Deck Study is to get down to the basics and work out some issues that I have with this deck. I have been avoiding it forever in favor of more beautiful decks it's always been a little difficult for me to read with it. Now I'm going to give the RWS a chance to win my heart! ...or to drive me crazy, whichever comes first.

I will keep track of my studies in two notebooks: one where I study the cards and meanings, and the other where I will write readings, meditations and notes on progress.

These are the guidelines I have set up for myself:

- I will do the IDS for three months, starting at the Equinox and ending at Midsummer here on the north hemisphere.

- I will give myself enough time to study each card separately, and write one journal page about it.
- I will read with the deck every day if possible, but if it is not possible to do a reading, I will at least take out the cards and shuffle them a bit.
- I will write something each day, even if it is just a few words.
- I will do all my readings with the RWS, including pulling random cards as inspiration for fiction writing and things like that.

- I am allowed to use general reference books or online sources.

- I am allowed to buy a new deck if I feel it's the right thing to do, and if so, I am allowed to look through the deck once to see that all cards are there. I am however NOT allowed to play with, read with, or study any other deck than my chosen RWS, during the three months of the Intensive Deck Study.

I promise to help and support my fellow travelers on this IDS journey, if I can.

I also promise myself to give my best effort, to have lots of fun with the RWS, and not be too harsh on myself if I should stumble sometimes.

I also promise to spend less time on the internet doing nothing, and spend more time with cards, books and writing.

If I am able to keep this up for three months, I will reward myself with something nice at the end of it!

It will be fun taking this journey with you all!
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Owl Song 

Guidelines for Starlily:

1. I will start on the date at the Equinox, which is the 19th of March (and happens to be my birthday!) I will end on the 19th of June; I commit for at least 3 months to this study.

2. I will be using the FAIRYTALE TAROT. I will only be using this deck at all times, including reading for others, study, journaling, idle flicking-through, mindless shuffling, etc.

3. Except for decks I have already pre-ordered, (Deviant Moon and Bohemian Gothic Tarot) I will not purchase any more Tarot decks for the remainder of 2008, not just the 3 months of my IDS. I will not open these two decks until the 3 months are complete.

4. I will be using reading material including companion books and non-card-specific texts (eg. 21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card).

5. I will handle my deck every day, even if I don't read with it or actually study any of the cards.

6. I will journal with the deck at least once a week, if not more often.

7. I will offer at least one reading per week in the Reading Exchange.

8. By the end of the 3 months, I will have studied every card in the deck and will have at least one journal page devoted to each and every card with my own thoughts, reactions, stories, meditations, and keywords.

9. I will be working with 3 card readings, for simplicity's sake and "getting back to basics." There are many, many different forms of the 3 card reading and I will be exploring these. I will also allow myself to do 1 and 2 card readings, but no more than 3 cards.
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