0 The Fool--Archeon Tarot


A number of elements really stand out in this portrayal of the Fool: the Fool is female; the masks; the moon in the background; the diamond shapes that are embedded into the foreground of the image.

The fact that Lantz has made the Fool female really sets the tone for the entire deck: balance and androgyny--which Lantz (after reading the LWB) really tried to emphasize.

The masks do, in fact, reoccur throughout the deck, but making them such an integral aspect of this arcanum suggests the mask-like reality we live in: things are not always what they seem.

The massive Moon--which also reoccurs many times--suggests that the Fool is in a state of "unkowing" and has much to discover and learn (whereas, having the sun in the background would have suggested a level of awareness and enlightenment--not mystery and unkowing). Moreover, the fact that it appears in the Magician, as well, also suggests that the querent still may not be fully knowledgeable, but at least has the skills to start.

Finally, the Diamonds in the foreground--despite simply being an artistic element--is juxtopposed to the Moon, suggesting that the Fool has potential for unity and solidarity...with a little work and experience.

Thanks, FS


The fool reminds me of a drum major. Stepping high and marching in front of a band. The enthusiasm and energy of a drum major is also evident. But this fool has her head so far back she does not see in front of her. She does not see where she is going because she is too caught up in enjoying the moment. She is clueless to where she is going. But you can not help but get caught up in her total immersion in her moment. She could trip and fall but would get right back up and keep marching.


I like that she is naked. It seems to empower the fool's innocence and lack of inhabitions or cares. I agree that she looks like a drummer dancing along to her own tune with her carefree head in the clouds. It's as if she has not a care or restriction in the world and is full of life and joy.


It seems to be a trance. Making me think of Dionysos (Bacchus) and his celebration. I must agree : it is really a carefree character and very extatic!


To me, the Fool appears to be doing a backwards cartwheel. Caught mid motion, at any point ready to fall... or perhaps, to keep going, and turn over ready to continue on.


To me the fool card is childlike happiness. Kicking her feet up high in the air with such eneregy that she may knock herself down. She is in front of the moon which tells me she larger then the moon which tells me she is going to discover new secrets of the world.

there are two masks on the card, one hiding behind the moon, and one right behind her towards the bottom. They appear to be both looking at her. To me the fool mask behind the moon is watching her in a sinister way, almost hoping that the fool will crash and burn, the other mask appears to be an older an wiser fool (sounds wierd), is not wanting to point the fool in any paticular direction but does not want anything bad to happen to her.

That said, the fool is off on her new journey, carefree and childlike although there are forces that will watch, they will not interfere, but will enjoy watching the fool fail or succeed.


For me it was a surprice that the Fool turned out to be a woman in this deck. A drunk joyful blue figur that actually is about to fall and the masks are gone too.


I see her as the Court Jester. some people play the Fool willingly, like a Jester, who chooses his or her profession. maybe she enjoys her life of play and laughs, without any real attachments to people or places. maybe she has stumbled upon the start of her journey by accident, in the midst of a performance perhaps. or maybe suddenly she realizes she is just a Fool to people - that they are laughing at her antics, not with her carefree spirit - and she sets off to find out what substantial, more meaningful experiences this world has to offer.


In a world filled with pretenses and theatrics, the jester is naked to the truth and exposes it to the others without being punished for it since this is what a jester is for (all the others wear a mask but her). She dances the dance of life. She never loses sight of her ideals (the rose). The moon warns about the illusions and the jester might fall to them at some point and becomes what one calls a lunatic and fall into folly.


i think the blue fool means that she's got faith, believe on what she trust. she ready to face anything with the stick on his hand, that's like her talisman. even though she's blinded because the mask, she still facing up to the sky and showing what she's got on his hand.