10 of Pentacles clarified by 2 of Cups - Action?

Desert Girl

I asked what action someone was planning to take toward me (romantic) and got 10 of Pentacles. I've gotten this in the action they'll take toward me on a few different readings lately. This time I laid a clarifier and got 2 of Cups. I immediately thought about an offer of marriage, and this would make sense in our situation. We're not technically "together" at the moment and he knows that our being together kind of hinges on his ability to take that next step - moving in and then getting married. What do others think of this combo in this position? How about 10 of Pents as a standalone in this position?


Moderator Note: One Card + Clarifier?

Greetings, Desert Girl,

Just to be clear, were these the only two cards you pulled in answer to the question?

Desert Girl

Hi Thirteen. Yes, oops. I guess I should have posted it to Your Readings section.