10 of Pentacles


I am very new to reading Tarot and have not yet developed a sense of the meanings of many of the cards. Often the printed "standard" meanings in the booklets make so little intuitive sense. I've discovered a few more useful sources, but certain cards are still giving me trouble.

In my daily reading the past two days, the 10 of Pentacles has come up both days, each time in conjunction with two Major Arcana cards. Yesterday the reading was The Emperor, 10 of Pentacles, and The Wheel of Fortune. Today it was Strength, Justice, and the 10 of Pentacles.

The standard interpretation of "family life" doesn't seem to be particularly meaningful here. Nor does the "down-to-earth" aspect of the pentacles seem to have much in common with the Wheel of Fortune or the intuitive wisdom of Strength. There seems to be some kind of message about "seeing beyond" going on here, but I can't quite put my finger on it.

Any suggestions and alternate interpretations would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all.


well, the emperor sometimes can mean a need of structure and organization...or maybe too much structure and rules.

With the emperor, 10 of pent, and the wheel, it seems to say that no matter how much we plan that fate throws us a curveball sometimes. Maybe there is a change coming up that you are trying too hard to control...or maybe you need to try to control it more.

Again with your reading today...I see a pattern of strength. 10 of pentacles, indicating permeance, a strong foundation. Strength - perserverance of character, and Justice suggest doing what is right (evern though sometimes it's easier to do what's wrong) Are there legal issues? sometimes the emperor and justice can refer to legal issues.