10 of swords - druidcraft tarot


Hi MissCW,
Thanks for your description. THe next card is the 10 of swords I've been seeing this card a lot lately for myself.
I don't use reversals as I don't feel I need to use them.
What is the description of this card, please?
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Description of the card:

The 10 swords of the Druidcraft looks a lot like the RWS. A man is lying on the ground, with 10 swords in his back. In front of him, the foreground of the card, we see his helmet. Behind him is his shield. It looks like his hand was trying to pick up a stick when he was attacked…or maybe it is the pole of a banner, it looks broken.
There is one dark patch in the sky, for the rest the sky looks rather clear…in the background we see either a sunset or a sunrise.

My interpretation:

I never liked the RWS version of this card much, it imposes such a dark interpretation on this card that was not there originally.
When I was looking at the card I was thinking…why is he not wearing his helmet ? why is his shield lying there and is he trying to grab the stick…and was he attacked in the back ? Maybe he has made an error of judgement, he may have underestimated the enemy or was not aware where they were coming from.
It looks too late for this guy, but maybe the card is warning us to change our ways of thinking. In order to make a new start with the ace, we first have to prune away what is no longer of use to us.
So the sun could either be setting or rising – before we can make a new beginning, we will have to go through this ending and learn our lesson from it.

Ann Yu

Here is my reading:
This man doesn't wear armour, he seems so vulnerable. He is using a stick to fight against these sharp swords. That's an overload for him. He's defeated and his shield, helmet was thrown away. Or maybe he has underestimated his enemies so he didn't wear them. Anyway, this is an overwhelming task for him and he's too weak to defeat them.
The background: it's sunset now, everything is coming to an end, and perhaps everything is too late. Night is coming, it's time for rest. Just wait because the morning is coming after hardship :D


I don't feel the need for Reversals neither....!

There are many dark cards in the Tarot and this card is one of the darkest lol.....

I feel that this card is all about malicious gossip, deceit, betrayal and malice.
I mean do I really need to say more, being stabbed in the back and left to rot in a pool of your own blood as the illustration depicts says it all as far as I am concerned.
Aliester Crowley called this card "RUIN" and I this he did quite well in summing it up in one word....



The book that goes with the deck suggests that this card often signifies not a difficulty you might be going through, but how you choose to react to what is happening around you. You can decide to react in an immature, even hysterical way or else you can attempt to fathom why a Druid triad states: 'There are three spiritual instructors: wordy misfortune, bodily illness and unmerited hatred.'

One can learn so much from disaster and misfortune, even though they might be very painful lessons. The cards surrounding this card in a reading could indicate how this trouble might be faced and overcome


Sometimes when I see this card in a reading I think of someone who loves drama. It only takes one sword to kill, why use 9 more? In the back nonetheless. That is a bit excessive and it leaves a strong message. Just a few more thoughts for this card. :)


Yes I have also taken this card to be meaning malice and gossip.
Over reaction to things that have been said as in someone trying to sully someone's name stab them in the back and drag them through the mud...

If I see this with a court card I generally see it as someone in the quierants life who is aiming this intent at them. If on the other hand it appears on its own then I usually warn them to curb their mouths hehehehe....