10 of Swords- INterview with a Fey


sacredashes said:
my questions are:

**who sent you?
**what do i learn from this?
**when will we meet again?
**where can i find you?
**why did you choose self-sacrifice?
**how did you accomplish your task by choosing this path?

who- No one sent me, my coming was an internal calling.
what- I learn that there are things that will happen that are beyond my control.
when- We will not meet as we are, in this form. We may not even recognise eachother.
where- I can be found throughout the Universe. My essence can be found in the earth and on the wind
why- I ahd no choice, this is a force that I can not fight.
how- accomplishments come with mistakes and lessons. These lessons come by way of my own actions as well as the external events around me.

questions from imagemaker

Who are the Nonbelievers?
The Non-Believers are those who cannot open thier hearts and minds. To find the connection between the physically tangable and the meta-physical

What can people do to Imagine you?

Again, it's about opening up. It is about understanding that there are some things that can not be understood and accepting that one will never comprehend some of the workings of the Universe.

When do we fail to Believe?

When we fear, doubt, or forget.

Where are our two realms?
Side by side and inside-out. The two are different, but are one. It is a matter of mental focus to see the line that divides.

Why are you so vulnerable?

Because of the non-believers. Thier doubts inhibit my actions. I have my duty, but how can I be efficiant when there are those that think I am not what I am.

How often do you dissolve?
It is a cycle, part of my being. It is not so much a matter of how often, just 'how'. How and why and what it leaves behind.


questions from moonspirit
WHO has done this to you?
* It is hard to say 'who'. I came here on my own, lead my own way, but I did not choose to fall apart.

WHAT is happening?
* I become suddenly in a form of submission to a force that I do not understand.

WHERE are you?
* I am in an old temple that is no longer inhabited.

WHEN will this change be complete?
* Change is never complete, it is evermoving just as the waters of the world.
From body of water, to clouds of vapor, to drops of rain that soak into the ground or find thier way into streams and back to that body of water. Feeding and giving life to those that need it all along the way.

WHY did your sword break?
* I no longer needed it. It was a part of me when I had my fey existance, but now it becomes what I have become.

HOW did this change feel?
* It was an extream burden with it's sudden & quick nature. It was also a relase, a lighteniing of existance that was some times a burden as well.

Elf's Questions:

Who would ever believe a Fey could just turn to dust?
"HaHa- I never thought of it until it happened!"

What good can come of your fading into sand and rock and dust?
"In any form I can do good. In the earthen form I can provide a home for creatures who dwell underground, I can provide a place of nurishment for vegitation. I can play many roles in the earth form."

Where is your belief in yourself, the belief that would solidify you and never allow you to disincorporate?
"Due to current events, I do not know of any faith until my transformation is complete."

When will you get that if you don't believe you will dis-integrate, then no one else will either?
"Everyone has thier individual set of lessons to learn and thier own experiences to live through. What it will be for them, or me in the future is unknown."

Why do you look so surprised?
"I knew a transformation was to be, but this is not anthing like I expected."

How could you stop this process, right now?
"At this time, I do not know. Once it is done, then I can analyze it."


Who caused you to fall apart?
At first, I thought an unseen enemy had hit me with a bad curse. Now I'm not so sure any more.

What did you do to cause this to happen?
I used too much force, too little measurement, and paid too little attention to my surroundings.

Where are you?
In the Temple of Truth.

When will you re-form?
I will not. It is a transformation that is not reversible.

Why did you turn to earth? (and not water or fire etc.)
I am Air. Earth and being grounded is the lesson I need to learn most.

How will you reform?
I don't know if there will be other stages beyond Earth. Right now I am scared of more changes.

My questions for you:
Who can you turn to for help?
What is your greatest wish right now?
Where is the Temple of Truth?
When will your cycle of transformation be completed, if ever?
Why are you scared?
How will it feel for you to be Earth??