12 Card Past, Present, Future, and Fate


This spread is a pretty basic 9 card past, present, and future spread that also has the added "fate" cards. This would read pretty much similarly to a usual past, present, future spread except that there are 3 extra cards to tell you what you CAN NOT CHANGE about the situation.


1-3 : Past cards
These three cards are going to represent the past. Card 1 will be the FARTHEST in the past where as 3 is going to be the closest to the present situation. These cards are to show you how you got where you are presently.​

4-6 : Present cards
These three cards are where you are presently in the situation. Card 4 is something that has already "happened", but still in more of a present situation (last day or earlier in the day). Card 5 is right in this moment, and Card 6 is what is shortly about to happen (either later in the same day, or the next day coming). These help to see what is currently happening in the situation that is effecting you for good or bad.​

7-9 : Future cards
These three cards are where the situation is heading in the future. Card 7 is the card that will happen first, and as you move to card 9 you move farther into the future. These cards help you see what will be in the situation if nothing changes, and you continue down the same path. I WOULD LIKE TO NOTE : These cards can change (as in not happen the way they are laid) if you change something about the situation.​

10-12 : Fate cards
These are the cards that let you know what is fated to you in the situation NO MATTER WHAT. These cards will play with the past/present/future cards to tell you what is out of your control. For example, if you get the 10 of Swords or death card then an end is coming no matter what you choose to do, or if you get an ace card then a new beginning is coming your way and there is nothing you can choose to do that will take that new beginning away from you. These cards are the ones that are UNAFFECTED by your decisions, and should be seen as the universal energy that will effect the situation if you like it or not.​

This spread is extremely helpful if you want to know the difference between what you have an effect on in your current situation, and what you don't have an effect on in the situation.
EXAMPLE: If you are asking about a certain love interest; this spread will help you see what you currently are doing to effect the situation, but also what you don't have control over. So, if you get the 10 of Swords in the future position it shows a warning of the fact that you might do or say something that could cause an end to what is growing between you and your love intrest. This warning is saying that if you don't change your actions you will cause the situation to never blossom into a true relationship. Where in comparison if it comes into the fated cards, it is saying no matter what you do an end will come between you.​