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Little Baron

19 The Sage

This card strikes something inside of me. When I look at other faeries, they stand in front of me; The Sage works inside of me. Even though I know little about him, as yet, I look at him as my guide within the deck. Why? Because, like the High Priestess of my Morgan Greer deck, he understands me and feels like my third eye.

The fact that he has vision in just one eye leads me to believe that his lack of sight requires him to rely on other senses that have grown stronger – what he feels, what he hears, what his soul tells him; call it insight.

The Sage, for me is like a garden set aside for only me to visit. The garden is full of weird and exotic foliage; where parts die and from them, parts begin to grow, like the thistles and leaves in his hair and beard.
I feel like he is a mirror for me and knows me well. Our meeting has been ‘in the cards’ for some time and as I shuffle through my deck or look through at the faeries (some I have met and some I have not) he is like a face across a smoky room in a party, the one I understand - the voice I can hear with no words, in a crowd.

When I visit The Sage’s garden, he is there waiting. He knew that I was going to visit, probably a long time before I did, and when I tell him of any problems, insecurities or fears, he listens. The advise he gives is already deep inside of me and he unlocks what I already know and makes it ring gently in my ears. For example, as I sit with him now in the quietness and tranquillity of his garden, he is telling me that I shouldn’t be smoking. I know that. I always knew that. The Sage, like my conscience, is the only faerie that knows where to find these thoughts and feelings, and bring them to the surface. When I say things I shouldn’t, behave in a way that is not true to myself, he looks inside of me and asks me why. When I walk home alone from a night that didn’t work out the way I had wanted it to, he walks beside me, comforts me and tells me ways in which I can work to avoid the same thing happening again; tells me things I already know but don’t want to confront without his help. His manner is gentle and kind. He is like The Hermit; as ‘well’ as he knows me, he retreats a little far back so that he can see the picture clearly.

He is my concience, my mirror, my confessional and the true self that nobody else sees. He is a father figure, a ‘true’ friend, a long term lover, a brother.
In our world, he translates, possibly, as any of these people. I think he symbolises truth, support, faith and a strength to carry on.
What he lacks in sight, he gains in inner vision.

There is nothing unappealing about this faerie. His wiseness and perception pours from within him and allows new life to grow from any patches of my own spiritual and progressive garden, that had once died. His essence is to gently cultivate and nurture. His gift to us is his wisdom.


I hope that this makes sense to you all. I look forward to hearing everybody elses moments alone with this faerie.



Yay! I'm so glad you like the Sage too. He was in my favorites pile at first and then he became my Universal card.

I see him as my soul mate and my teacher. He is who I wish to become. He teaches gently and lovingly and only when we are truly ready to hear his message. He is patient.

R :)


And I love him, too.

He is my teacher, my guide and my friend.

He is all the wisdom and knowledge that I want and he teaches me to look within for guidance and understanding of who and what I am.

He is gentle and kind but firm - I am not allowed to avoid confronting those things I don't want to know. More than anything he wishes me to walk hand in hand with my soul and will help and support my efforts, will always be there for me.

Actually, Ive just realised that without the foliage and the mass of hair he has a strong resemblance to how my father looked. And my father was blind in one eye. Strange - I never thought of that before.



Discussion about the Sage

Like everyone else that has posted so far I also see the Sage as wise and as a teacher. He reminds me of the Hermit in tarot decks. I love the colors in this card which to me represent the seasons and I love the way he has braches growing as his beard and eyebrows. This reminds me that as a human I am part of the earth mother not something better or separate from her. The blind eye to me represents that which we cannot see with our physical eyes but that is there and is important to get in touch with. This could be everything from spirituality to simple emotions. It is also reflects trust to me (do not believe everything you see). Overall this is one of my favorite cards in the deck ... then again I just love this deck!


I see the Sage as the keeper of the shamanic knowledge. The old yet young one who understands the mysteries through ever so much experience. He is beyond time. The depth of his understanding is, to me, remniscent of Mimr's well, where Odin also gained the wisdom, and lost an eye. In fact, the Sage suggests Odinnhic energy to me, wisdom, wile, intellegence. He is basically kind, but realises that lessons are not always gentle, and is willing to teach one how to survive the rigours of the path as successfully as he has. Only, make sure that if you seek him, you are sincere, and willing to do the necessary work, because he may have much time, but none to waste on fools. And he will advise and guide you, but will allow you to learn for yourself...you may lose an eye, or something else. He will then ask you, "What is the price of wisdom? And the price of Ignorance? Is it worth it? You decide".


The Sage

I love the Sage too. He is my guide, friend, teacher, my inner self, soul mate. He gives me peace, insight and love. The first time I saw the Sage there was a strong recognition and he touches me very deeply inside.

I am happy to see that others feel the same!

Funny enough the Hermit is my favorite Tarot card :)



What the Sage told me about "le fae monde"

While pawing through my Faeiries for the first time last night, piling and re-piling the cards, I found one category was Faes who look right at you in the cARds. Then, Faes who have one eye closed. And the Sage started speaking to me, and my vision kept shifting while I examined the Card. Here are pieces of what I wrote in my journal about what He led me to understand about the Fae world :

To me, the opaque eye symbolizes one eye turned inward. Focussing on emotional and spiritual growth.

His mane and beard reminded me of the seasons, with the colors schemes and such. Down the center of his beard, the white shining streak caught my eye, it is the point in time marked as High Summer and/or Summer Solstice. And his crown, the icy leaves of Winter Solstice. I looked closer and counted 8 clumps of leaves/twgis/debris in the Sage's mane and beard, evenly following the cycle of time.

The ears = our equilbrium = and there are the equinoxes, balancing out the extremes of the summer and winter.

I then saw his face as a wheel of time, around which everything revolves. This is how the Fae tell time - they have 8 cycles they follow (which to me are the same as the Wiccan holidays, of which I have a passing knowledge). Each cycle is roughly 6 weeks, and broken into 3 shorter time units for Faeries -- kinda like our "week" except their time unit is closer to 2 of our weeks in length.

In my mind, I could hear and see and understand so much more than I can capture here, but it rocked me to the core to have such a vision and introduction into the Fae world. I thanked Him for teaching me about their ways, and then copied down as many thoughts as I could in my journal before they slipped away~!!

I haven't read any of the "definitions" of the card, so I'm sorry if I'm repeating something that's a given and that everyone else knows by now, but to me it sure was a major epiphany :D

I cannot believe how much one deck has changed my perception. I will never regret the presence of the Fae teachers in my life. They are the ~ BESTEST ~


Re: What the Sage told me about "le fae monde"

Alissa said:
I'm sorry if I'm repeating something that's a given and that everyone else knows by now, but to me it sure was a major epiphany :D

I cannot believe how much one deck has changed my perception. I will never regret the presence of the Fae teachers in my life. They are the ~ BESTEST ~

Don't apologize, and I promise ... what you posted is not in the book ;) ... keep doing what the faeries are guiding you to do. The book is the least of your concerns right now. Let them keep working their magic. Now you know what all the raving about the faeries is about! :p


"Sage" Advice!

I posted this story on my blog a couple days ago. I thought I'd share it here also. :) I'm gonna cut & paste, b/c I'm too lazy to attempt to type it all out again...

I had to share this amazing draw. A little while ago, my daughter ran, at about 150 mph, straight into my knee which I had unfortunately raised from where I was sitting at the precise moment she reached me. I heard the sickening, horrifying sound of her teeth crashing together. A chill went through me as I prepared for the worst. I grabbed her face to look into her mouth, and was so relieved to see that all her teeth were still there, and there was no blood. However, after closer inspection, I noticed that both an upper and lower tooth were both slightly chipped. She was in pain, from the impact. I gave her some aspirin, and I rested with her in my arms on the couch for awhile. Then we played a card game. Still in a bit of pain, I asked her if she wanted me to draw a faerie card for her. She was delighted.

So I shuffled, asking the faeries to give us some advice. I told them what had happened, and that she was being very good about it all, but she was still feeling a bit of soreness. I asked if they had any advice for her.

I pulled The Sage. The man of wisdom, he had to be just who we needed. I held the card up to her and talked to her through the voice of The Sage. "I have only one eye, but I can still see. You have chipped your teeth a tiny bit, but you can still eat. You can still talk. You can still whistle. ...Can you still whistle?" She answered with a whistle. "Ah, you can still whistle. Good. You can still do what you need to do, just as I can with my one eye. Look at me, I am old and gray, but I am very wise. You are very wise. You will have this story to tell to your children and grandchildren." She smiled.

Then I looked at the name at the bottom of the card, though I knew his name. The Sage. Sage. Hmmm. I asked my daughter, "Do you want to eat some sage? Maybe that will be good for your tooth pain." She shrugged her shoulders and asked what it tasted like. I said, "See for yourself." So we went to the kitchen and I gave her a finger dab of dried sage. She liked the taste. Then I let her smell it. Aromatherapy, you know. She said it smelled delicious.

I said, "I wonder if sage is good for tooth aches. Wouldn't that be amazing?" So we went to the computer and I Googled "sage for toothache". And all these sites came up...

* A standard British mouthwash herb is Garden Sage.

* Sage is useful herb for gastrointestinal problems and toothache pain relief.

* The (sage) leaves can be chewed to relieve toothache.

* Thyme or sage: Mix a teaspoon of thyme or sage in a cup of boiling water. Cover the cup for 10 minutes, so that the herb is infused into the water. Swivel this concoction around your mouth to cure toothache.

* A less well known method for treating gum disease and general toothaches is sage tea.

Are you kidding me?!? Those were all results from the first page of Googling. I couldn't believe it! I was amazed beyond belief that I asked for toothache advice, and the Faeries gave me the one card that was an absolutely literal, direct and practical answer. Unbelievable!

So while brewing some sage tea for her, I thought I'd jump online to share our amazing story!

Oooh. I just thought of something else. He's the faerie of wisdom... which made me think of wisdom teeth!


pippi... the Faeries love you (and your wee ones too!) I *love* your story, and while a part of me is astonished at the wisdom the deck presents, another part of me thinks, "But, of course!"

Thank you for sharing that, I loved reading it.