2 Jack-O-Lantern Spreads


Who can resist the pull of doing something a little different for the month of October? I can't. So though I may loose subscribers on my youtube channel for breaking out of a pattern that has been successful, I'm going to do it anyway! My bit of weird for October is inventing Jack-o-Lantern spreads for my general and love readings. Here they are below. I haven't done them yet so no examples at present.


1. Stem of the pumpkin: What will open the fruit of life for you or what will give you the inside scoop
2. The eye that is kind
3. The eye that is fierce
4. What you sense but can't name (the nose)
5. I put three 5s to indicate that the card is laid horizontally (not that you put down 3 cards). This is the mouth and it represents what needs to be expressed.

My intention with these spreads is to pull cards from different decks, in keeping with the often irregular look of a Halloween pumpkin's features.

1. What will open your love life
2 The eye that disguises
3. The eye that reveals
4. Your instincts in love
5. The truth that needs to be spoken

I hope others have fun with these spreads and have fun modifying them!


This looks like a fun way to start off October! :D

When you say you intend for different cards to be used in the spread, would that mean you'd need 5 different decks? Or would you be able to use like 2 from 2 decks and one from one deck or however you feel inspired in the moment? I like the idea of using cards from different decks in a spread like this.


Peppermint, using different decks isn't necessary at all but I think adds to the halloweenish feel. If you have more than one deck you could just take a card from each and play around with which ones feel right in which positions.

For the general, I'm planning to use The Faeries Oracle for the stem (because they're harrow cards that have a brownish cast, the prairie tarot for both eyes, the ghosts and spirits for the nose and the oracle of the grail code for the mouth. For the love, I'm going to use the same for the stem but each eye will be a different deck (the romantic tarot for one but I can't remember the other at the moment), the animal wisdom tarot for the nose and the halloween oracle for the mouth. I may end up regretting making it so elaborate. It ends up being a lot of shuffling when I'm doing them for every sign of the zodiac.


Thanks for the reply! And yeah, that does sound like a lot of shuffling but at least it'll be fun!


Beautiful spreads! I love the idea of arranging it into a jack-o-lantern and using appropriate color cards.



I was just thinking - I want to have a skull or Jack-o-lantern spread...
*draws the positions of the cards* just as you have...
And was in mind of left (sinistra) and right (destra) eyes, and had position 1 crowned...

But hadn't gotten to the rest of the position meanings yet.

:) :) :) Thank you.


I'm glad others are seeing ways to have fun with the idea. :)


This is a fun idea! Thank you for posting jen7cards. I'll add this to our Tarot Spreads Index and we will use this spread in our Reading Circle.

Everyone (with 25 posts and one week of membership) is welcome to join: http://www.tarotforum.net/showthread.php?t=262046


Just wanted to let those who use this spread know that as I did my readings for the month, I found that "the eye that is fierce" in the general version, usually showed up as something the querent was uncompromising about or was determined to achieve. I hope this helps in interpreting.