2004 or 6


Please do some spreads for the year 2004 A.D. and compare notes. I have a spirit guide who has informed me that in 'The Year of Our Lord Two Thousand and Four A.D. in or about the First Week of March, the earth and those that reside therein will enter into a peroid of Cleansing. . .or more specifically. . .
He goes on to say that these are going to be dark, dark days for the majority of the children of earth, BUT NECESSARY for our evolution.
What Im asking, I guess, is if the Tarot can see images from that year and report back its findings.


No, it can't. Timing isn't that precise in tarot readings, and neither are prophecies of the future.

~ Solandia


He he... *Kiama runs around with a big flaming stick, screaming as loud as she possibly can...*




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I strongly agree with Solandia. Timing is an unpredictable element in Tarot.
Anything that is "seen" via Tarot or any other means of divination is not written in stone. What can be seen are trends & possibilities.
The realm of trends is based on the past, what has already occurred & is known or understood.
The realm of possibilities is nigh infinite, containing any number of possible futures whose manifestation depends upon choices made &/or outside influences. There are too many variables that are involved or come into play--free will, attitude, timing, events, other people, Cosmic Law or Karma, even chance--all of which may enact their influence. Based on trend(s), a possible event or future might be extrapolated & may take place if the trend on which the "educated guess" is based remains the same or stationary & no deviations in the pattern occurs. Even under those conditions, something unexpected (chance) can precipitate an entirely different pattern.
There have been numerous "predictions" from different sources referring to such topics from "earth changes" to "the last days". There has been scientific data to support some of those predictions regarding earth changes, such as the depletion of the ozone layer in our planet's atmosphere; the changes in weather conditions or patterns amongst other things.
Some of the last days exhortations echo various passages found in the Christian bible & other religious documents. Whether such an event occurs through the use of weaponry or through a higher power, the manifestation of it may be moot.
What is pertinent then is the significance of a prediction & its purpose. On the premise it is significant & serves a purpose, it can be seen as a wake up call, a warning, or guidance. Knowledge is power. If one would seek predictions, one would need to be prepared to act on them from a higher consciousness or the energy employed to obtain them is energy ill spent.
Please understand that this is not an attempt to minimise your query nor any concern you may have, but an attempt to convey the responsibilities of seeking such knowledge--or any knowledge.