21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card; Discussion for the ADEPT level


As promised, this thread will be where we share ideas and discuss the approach that we will follow for the Adept Level of Mary Greer's 21 Ways To Read A Tarot Card. All considerations can be discussed.

Who will moderate, rotating moderation, etc.

The pace of exercises; depending upon the number of steps or complexity, following a regular schedule.

Member participation; those who participated in the Apprentice level, anyone who wishes to join in at any time.

Support; should everyone be able to have a designated buddy who will help via the PM process, we will continue to cross support everyone as we see the need for it or wish to encourage someone, we will offer critique (kindly, gently) as well as supportive help.


I would suggest that we peek at some of the steps and see what else may occur to us. Dave


if you do not mind the work i like having you moderate
The pace might be a case by case I HATE HATE drawing i am terrible at it so it takes me forever.

study buddy is great I have made a really really awesome friend and even borrowed her friend in the process so now I have 2 more friends. But this only came about because we are a bunch a tarot study junkies.

what steps we do and how we do them will be hard i was thinking of starting off with the core ones and wee how it goes from there.

as far as participation that sounds ind of hard but personally i cant respect a persons critique of my stuff unless they went through the other levels and steps .


For C.B.

Yes, I can understand your point about not respecting critique by any who have not gone through these many steps with us. Our experience has created a bond of sharing, vulnerability, learning and support that is treasured by each of us.

As I think of the Study-Buddy idea, I wonder if any participants who started but did not continue the Apprentice Level would have been helped to continue if they had a specific person to help and urge them on. Perhaps some of them may read this and comment upon the idea.



Reviewing the Adept level

I have just looked at step FOUR of the Adept Level in our book. This is a step in which two or three of us could work together. This fits with the "buddy system" approach I suggested as a possibility when this thread was started.

Other steps like step SEVEN require an examination of an entire suite of cards relative to how they all tell parts of a continuous story. This is something that can be done alone. However, since two/more participants might have the same suite of cards, this can provide a basis for discussing the similarities and the differences in what we see and write about.

Step EIGHT is one in which we could go both ways; by ourselves or as a team in reading for another.

Step TEN, at the Adept Level, offers another type of experience in which we will use a deck-and-book combination to do a book-guided interpretation and then use other methods on our own to explore different views. This is a step where we can do a lot more study -- and therefore have a broader discussion on what we have read. This may prompt us to do a separate related thread on just the discussion portion of this step.

Step ELEVEN will require a reading of a three card spread. This is carried into Step TWELVE where we will incorporate specific methods of reading. We might choose to read for another at this step -- this can be done with a partner or within a circle of several people.

Step 13 goes really deep into symbols, actually many categories of symbols. This is an ideal candidate for a multi-part thread. I am assuming that we all will be much more into doing a deeper level of study now that we have our confidence levels up.

The other steps each have their unique approaches thanks to the experience and imagination of Mary Greer. The point of this posting is just to prompt us all to consider the work and the fun and the learning that will emerge from this adventure we are planning to take as a group.


well looking at it that way this will be all sorts of fun. I am trying not to look ahead except where my tarot partner decides to inform me of upcoming tarot fun with the steps.

If we work all of the adept levels we will be at this awhile. I am fine with what ever we do looks like the core part is a great place to start and those steps coaspond to ather reading styles any way.

At this rate we only have 5 people and i am almost assured one will drop out at the adept part.



CB, on the other hand there may be several that chose not to join in on the Apprentice level because of pride or because they were sure that their tarot experience placed them in the Adept level.

Part of the lead-up to the Adept Level studies this fall will be to advertise our program to experienced tarot readers and advanced studies students. I would be surprised if we didn't pick up a few extra participants. Dave


Dave !!

That is why you are the moderator you have great forsight. Are we going to require a user to be part of the app level to gain access to out adept level?

As my buddy pointed out some of those steps require a person to the the early steps.

We still do not know if we are doing all the Adept levels if we do expect this to go a long time I am fine with any length but not sure how everyone else feels.


Greetings, hope all had a good weekend. Dave thanks for starting the thread.

I would like to echo Coyoteblack's sentiment of keeping you as our fearless leader if you do not mind the work. This has been the most organized, well structured study group I have participated in and thanks to that has kept me very motivated and accountable (well that and Coyoteblack calling me a slacker *ROFLMAO* --- See Coyoteblack I could have AGAIN used that scrunchie face icon you promised me!)

Seriously, I am looking really forward to the adept level though I still need to finish Step 21. I think of the Adept Level sort of like Graduate School - a place to hone in on your area of focus. One of the things I would like to consider doing is looking at the appendix that contains the reading styles and based on my reading style select the proscribed exercises, in combination with some steps that might not be included but are basic.

I am not proposing to exactly skip steps, but fully review each step, in combination with reading style, to determine why to use it or not use it. The posting for that week would contain the reasoning for not using it instead of the exercise instead of just skipping it. So in effect I would have to think through the step and dertermine why it does not work for me. Make sense?

As there is a limited number of us starting the adept level, I propose we all be buddies. I have had a study-budy since the Apprentice Level with whom I have grown leaps and bounds and we plan to do this work together, but assigning a budy is not as effective as choosing your own budy. Coyoteblack and I are a study team. There is a trust factor, but as you have pointed out with everything we have done together we already have a bond in this study group. I know I would be happy to partner for exercises with people so they can complete them, but I will continue to work with my current Study Budy (sorry can't trade him :D) as well - particularly because we intend to work on the same card (new card from last time but we will both have the same card). Which leads us into the fact that Coyoteblack and I will also need to re-do some apprentice level steps with our new card as I believe some adept level steps have you go back to some of the apprentice level work already assumed to be completed. He and I have planned to do that during our break.

As for the length - again I think it will depend on the steps. I would appreciate at least 2 weeks per step as I know some of the ones I am really interested in will take much more time than the Apprentice Level did. If all participants complete the step earlier, then we open the new thread earlier and if we need an extension we do so at the pace of the group on specific exercises. But 2 weeks as a bench mark I think would be adequate.

In sum, I like your ideas a lot. I know that the whole reason I am doing this is to improve and hone my reading skills so I would like to focus on those steps that help me achieve that goal. I am open to working with multiple members of this study group so long as they are serious about the study and plan to follow-through - which those who completed the Apprentice Level have demonstrated.

Regarding feedback ... I think it is important for us to be honest if we are going to give feedback, or not give any at all. Providing suggestions and guidance along with the feedback is great as well, as we all see things differently and one of us might see something the other missed. I would however caution against correcting, as in tarot there is no right or wrong way, and this book focuses on how personal tarot really is.


dadsnook2000 said:
Support; should everyone be able to have a designated buddy who will help via the PM process, we will continue to cross support everyone as we see the need for it or wish to encourage someone, we will offer critique (kindly, gently) as well as supportive help.
As one with a study partner, I would like to say that the role of the study partner is not only help and motivation, but it is someone to really talk things through with and talk tarot with. The dialoguing is where the learning seems to really happen, bouncing off ideas and thoughts. It is hard to explain, but it is sort of like your study partner helps you reach the "AHA!" moments through just talking through things with you, not in a mentor role but in a friend with a common interest mode. Of course we do provide guidance and clarification too, but mainly we discuss things and ideas related to the work we are doing and share those ideas. We learn from each others points of view as well, which gives a well roundedness to the learning expeirence, specially in areas where we see things differently. It really is very cool.


Mary Greer is recognized

Our esteemed author and guide through our studies has been awarded the International Tarot Award. Already recognized as a real guiding light by all of us, this award sums up everyone's appreciation for her help and encouragement in the tarot world. Dave