21 Ways To Read A Tarot Card -- Step EIGHT -- part two.


Step EIGHT-Two asks us to list as many metaphors for our chosen card as we can. Then, we are asked to put them into given statements. Two example statements are given:
** Inserting the metaphor into a sentence.
** Inserting a character from the card into the sentence along with an emotion or sensation that would be described by the metaphor.

Finally, we are asked, "What do these metaphors suggest about your own situation?"

These steps bring us into a deeper relationship with the deck and card we chose. There had to be a reason why the chosen card appealed to us. If we have always liked this card perhaps it symbolizes a long-term theme in our life that we are addressing or ignoring. If the card was chose at the time we started this exercise, then perhaps this is a short-term or current theme or issue that we are coping with. Anyways, the fun continues. Dave

PS: For those who are a little bit behind us, I will continue to monitor prior threads in this series and to respond to you. I encourage others to also do this as every new participant shares something special that we can think about and learn from. I'll judge the pace of prior-thread activity relative to moving the steps forward at a slightly faster or slower pace. But, everyone who is on step EIGHT has only a couple more days before we move to NINE.


Dave looks at the Fey WORLD card

The Fey Tarot WORLD card shows a small Fey hovering in the air above a very large dragon sitting on top of a tower in a small walled village. The entire town is being carried on the back of an even larger snail gliding through the stars and space.

My Metaphors:
* If not one problem, then another. (First we end up on a giant snail moving through space, now we have a guest dragon to deal with)

* Who's afraid of the big bad wolf? (Well, this beast is big, really big)

* When it rains it pours. (This just gets worse and worse)

* The bigger they are, the harder they fall. (But how do you get close, how do you knock them down?)

* Size does matter. (The Fey don't seem to see things in the same way, so how will they deal with this discrepancy in size)

* Between a rock and a hard place. (You just can't ignore something that big in such a small place)


I am not afraid of the big, bad dragon. But, I think I'll be a bit cautious.

This may be a hard situation along with the other hard situations, but I'll deal with one problem at a time.

Size matters but I think I'll make the dragon's size the issue here as it can't be as quick and maneuverable as me.

My life is presently filled with a very lot of activities -- teaching two chess classes after school, coaching a robotics club, working with the boy scouts, re-painting all the rooms in the house, working with tarot and astrology (as always), finishing a book, plus all the activities relating to raising three grand children while in retirement. Retirement? I'm looking to retire from retirement. Oh, where did I put that watch that had 30 hour days? A lot of challenges in the recent days and months. Plus four operations -- part of my "tune up" so I can continue my active life. I can relate to this card this year. Dave


Star card in Tarot of Dreams

I finally have images to work with yall can see what a beautiful card this is

My Metaphors:
Light at the end of the tunnel
Darkest before dawn
Beautiful as the night is long
Lost in space
Darkness can not survive in the light

This card is all about hope and spirituality to me the lost in space part popped in my head

Using in a sentence

Do not fret there is always the light at the end of the tunnel
it seems hopeless now but it is darkest before dawn
Your baby is as beautiful as the night is long

You look bewildered are you lost in space again
Do not worry about what they do, do the next right thing as darkens can not survive in the light.

Yesterday celebrated 5 years sober for me there were many, many hard day that led to this. I was raised in the inner city I joined the marines put my self through school and had some good things then I lost it all.

Now I have everything I had before this disease took over and more because me and my brother are about to buy a 3 bedroom condo in the same town i was briefly homeless in.

Yes I most defiantly relate to this card

ps reading this over i think I missed a part . I will try and get to it latter


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Step EIGHT-Two asks us to list as many metaphors for our chosen card as we can. Then, we are asked to put them into given statements. Two example statements are given:
** Inserting the metaphor into a sentence.
** Inserting a character from the card into the sentence along with an emotion or sensation that would be described by the metaphor.

RWS 5 of Swords

3 figures stand in 3 different sizes, with 3 different perspectives of the same situation. The smallest man has his face in his hands, the middle man stares out to the water, the biggest man holds 3 swords. 2 swords remain on the ground.


-sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me
(I’m all broken up, but not dead)

-every cloud has a silver lining
(This falling out is for a reason, soon to turn for the better)

-cry me a river
(I’m crying a river, but who cares)

-tomorrow’s another day
(I’m down now, but tomorrow’s another day)


It feels as if I’ve been destroyed, but here I stand, humiliated, but whole.

Will refocus and try again, I know things will get better.

To complain would do no one any good.

I know it may feel like the end of the world, but will give it some time.

At the present, I feel my life shifting. There is no evidence of it happening outside of myself, everything is effecting me internally.
I have been disheartened by recent breakup with friends, and personal relationships. I have made a conscious choice to work through these experiences and try to make the best out of what has transpired.


21 Ways - Step Eight (Part Two)

Golden Tarot - 6 of Cups

Step 8:2 asks us to list as many metaphors for our chosen card as we can:

Listen and learn.
Once bitten, twice shy.
Birds of a feather flock together.
Two for Tuesday.
Give and it shall be given unto you.
Two's company, three's a crowd.
Six in one; half a dozen the other.
The gift of knowledge.
Sowing the seeds of love.

Then we are asked to put them into given statements:

I am listening and learning.
I am once bitten, twice shy.
I am sowing the seeds of love.

The situation feels like the gift of knowledge.
The situation feels like two's company, three's a crowd.
The situation feels like six-in-one, half-a-dozen the other.

What do these metaphors suggest about your own situation?:

From my very first deck, the 6 of Cups has always been one of my favorites. It is very appropriate to have this as my chosen card for this study. Not only do I have a bond with the card's meaning in general, but I am also going through a living situation right now that is very suitable to this card as well. I am definitely a once bitten, twice shy kind of person. I give all of myself in a relationship (no matter what kind), but the first time I'm hurt by someone, I am ALWAYS cautious of them from that point on.

These days I am living back in my father's house and living the metaphors....listen and learn, the gift of knowledge, the two's company, three's a crowd, the six-in-one, half-a-dozen the other. They are all VERY appropriate. I feel as though no matter how hard I try, things never change. I couldn't have chosen a better card for myself at this stage in my life.


Interesting choices

It seems that we each/all chosen cards that portray an overall theme in our life or a primary challenge we are facing. I suppose that is natural, but it is also (for me) indicative of the way the unconscious mind identifies with symbols and stories and metaphors. I never gave a thought to my personal life when choosing the Fey WORLD card. To me it just seemed to be a challenge to put together the small Fey hovering over the dragon, the small world setting, the giant snail carrying them thru space. There is so much yet to explore in this card's symbols relative to my own life.

I does seem that I am being magically provided for and carried along on my life journey. While my world isn't "small" it is a contained world in some ways. We (the family and I) do travel, take cruises, and many short journeys. But, the life we have (raising the three grandchildren at this stage of our life), dealing with retirement, working to aid the community we live in, continuing our own self- development, and engaged in creative projects -- all of these are part of the journey thru (for us) uncharted space. So, the card is an apt one for me. It will be interesting to see if I adopt anothr "favorite" card in a year or so.

Later I may try to focus on different periods of my life, recalling details and events, and then try to see if a different card represents those days for me. Perhaps several tarot cards will tell a story previously unseen. Dave


8.2.1 Manga 4 Wands

Dance, gypsy, dance!
The belle of the ball.
The roar of the greasepaint, the smell of the crowd!
A come-hither glance.
Her hair is her crowning glory.
Pretty is as pretty does.
Be the center of attention.
She's only a bird in a gilded cage.
Youth is wasted on the young.
And the crowd goes wild!
Giving their hearts.
Showering her with praise.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Give her a hand!
Gilding the lily.
Clothes make the woman.
Beautiful flowers for a beautiful lady.

8.2.2 Ack!!!
I am the belle of the ball.
I am the center of attention.
I'm only a bird in a gilded cage.
I feel like my youth was wasted.
My hair is my crowning glory.

8.2.3 My own situation.

How my youth was wasted: I was very shy, backward, self-consious when I was young, but, because I was relatively attractive, people thought I was stuck up instead. So they stayed away from me, further isolating me and making me wonder what was wrong with me. In my later 20s, I always said that if I knew then what I know now, at least I would have had alot more fun. But I probably would have picked up some more opportunities, too.

I am vain about my hair, and it is very tied up in my identity. I have never had short hair my whole life. (My mother used to struggle to keep it presentable when I was little. If I were her, I would have chopped it off in a second!) I am 47 years old and I still have long, curly dark hair, now streaked with grey, that I refuse to cut short or color! I always say, "I just let it do what it wants to do."

I have mentioned being the center of attention before. It has been a strange life, often painfully self-conscious and wanting to be the center of attention all at the same time.

I'm not a bird in a GILDED cage, but I often feel caged in by my husband's emotional neediness. If he would stop DEMANDING attention and affection from me all the time, I would willingly GIVE it on my own! As it is, I just feel like I am in a constant negotiation instead of a giving relationship. This is a constant in my life that I struggle with every day. (And I know it's not all him. This is probably more my issue than his.)

Well, these tarot readings sure make it all hang out, don't they! I blame Mary Greer.


For rachelcat

I think we all tend to carry some baggage from our childhood days forward into adult life. Habits are hard to shake. And it takes a lot of introspection to discover old complexes and to dismantle them so we can move forward. I take it that you blamed Mary Greer in jest. She is such a kind and giving woman. I talk to her from time to time -- she follows the list when she can between all of her other activities. She doesn't participate directly as she feels she can distract from our efforts to just be ourselves and to learn our way at our pace.

It is hard to share some of what we do share here on AT. It speaks well of each of us and our commitment to learn more about the tarot as a way of both helping ourselves and others. Thanks for sharing your story. Dave


dadsnook2000 said:
I take it that you blamed Mary Greer in jest.
. . .
It is hard to share some of what we do share here on AT. It speaks well of each of us and our commitment to learn more about the tarot as a way of both helping ourselves and others.

Thank you for your kind words, Dave.

I DO blame (and you should read this as THANK) Mary Greer for her wonderful work. And I (blame)THANK you for leading us so well and blame(THANK) everyone in the group and on the forum for making this a safe place for this exploration. Without this book's and this study group's REPEATEDLY deeper and deeper focus on one card, I would be zipping along, studying more and more esoteric little tidbits and continually shying away from anything that implies actually studying MYSELF.

I was tempted to follow your lead and pick a new card, but now I think I should continue and see just how DEEP I can go into this one--21 Steps deep (at least)! Thanks again!



Knight of Pentacles - Tarot of Prague

A knight in blue armor sits astride a blue horse in a quiet courtyard with a twin-spired cathedral in the background.

Metaphors for the Knight of Pentacles:
- Still waters run deep
- Patience is a virtue
- Look before you leap
- A message to the country
- Think before you act
- Analysis paralysis

After some five minutes of thought, no others occurred to me. So...

"I am looking before I leap. The situation feels like I am taking stock of all possibilities, thinking through my options, before taking action."

How it relates to myself and my own situation: I combine a passionate commitment to the directions I take with impulsiveness, the willingness (and sometimes the weakness) to act quickly, on the spur of the moment. Although I would maintain this aspect has generally served me well, it has often led to criticism from others who tend to be more deliberate, more analytical, more patient, especially in my work life. The Knight, generally thought to be impulsive and headstrong, is shown here patiently weighing his options, thinking through his next steps. If I am the headstrong Knight, the message is clearly that I need to find the right times to slow down, to consider my options and not act rashly and impulsively in every case. It is a lesson, a piece of advice, that I constantly find difficult to act on. It emphasizes a skill that I know I need to further develop.