21 Ways To Read A Tarot Card -- step FOUR


It has been a week since our last "step" was announced. With the fourth step we are asked to get much more involved in our process of discovery. From now I suspect we will have to do much more work.

We are to use our chosen card as the basis for telling a story. The book gives very specific details about how we can construct our story and suggestions that can't be retold due to the length of what is written. But, this story is to be in the form of a myth or fairy tale. The story doesn't have to make sense or even be complete but it does have to let you express free rein to your imagination. So stop everything else, get loose, look at your card, and let it suggest paths and directions of any nature. Make it wild and crazy.

Following the completion of your story, re-tell it in the first person. You can play the role of any number of characters in your story (which may have more characters than is shown in the card).

Finally as our third step, tell of personal experiences that relate to some portions of your story. Read Mary's questions about this third step and seek to incorporate them into your comments. The more you cover, the more you dig into yourself, the more questions you answer, the more you (and all of us) will get out of this exercise.

Now, don't cheat, don't take short cuts. Read this step four carefully, and then cut loose. Have fun. I imagine we'll see entries here by Sunday.


Mixed-up Magic

Fey Tarot: The World.
A giant snail glides through the stars carrying a portion of the world upon it back or shell -- a green hill ringed by a towered wall with other buildings within the walls. A large pink-red-orange dragon is perched upon one of the towers, a small green Fey flying just above its head, birds flying in the distance, no other Fey folks are in sight.

STEP 4:1 Story as an initial thought on the picture's contents:
Some thing is all mixed up here. Shouldn't the dragon be flying thru the solar system carrying its section of the world, with the snail (at a proper size) be a speck upon the tower or a wall near the grass and a garden? The flying Fey must have screwed things up. That's why all the others have hidden out of sight. This little Fey must have powerful magic but uncontrolled by her.

STEP 4:2 First Person Story:
Now I have a problem! I wanted our village to be safe away from dragons. This dragon was supposed to take on the tame and docile nature of the snail and take us away for the troubles. Instead, the Snail became big and our world became small and the dragon became big and I became small and . . . well it just didn't work out right. How can I get rid of the dragon out here away from everything? Where do I make the snail go? What are the others going to say? Crap. Shrink, dragon, shrink! I need some head time, some time to think this through. How do I get to hide from this dragon so I can have some quiet time?

STEP 4:3 How this relates to my present life:
I've taken on a simple little part time job teaching 4th and 5th grade students to build and program robots as part of a Lego tournament program. Lego's are simple building blocks and programming for kids has to be simple. And the pay is pretty good. No problem. Except that the new Lego doesn't use blocks much, a whole new building scheme is confusing to the kids. An the programming is quite complex -- and other teams with experience won't help as the are very competitive.

Well, the kids aren't as motivated as their parents are, they won't put in the time at home to study the simple programming, they had eight weeks to build the tournament structures and program their robot -- its now 24 weeks later and they haven't done it all yet (of course they missed the tournament). And the programming software isn't as simple as it looked last September. Its all gone wrong. The kids are having a ball playing with their robot, they couldn't care less about the tournament. The parents want to know how their little geniuses are doing? But the parents don't help the kids to learn at home, nor do they pass the e-mails to them. So, this little piece of my world has gone out of kilter, a big problem has arose, and I don't have control over where and how we are going. Thank heavens it is all over in March. Dave.


Hanson-Roberts Tarot, the Sun

Once upon a time...

there was this beautiful big white horse. A kind of horse you would like to keep behind the house and have visitors admire it. This horse was like from a fairytale, not from this world it seemed. When the sun was shining, and how the sun loved this horse, its beams reflected like gold on the horse. Now what was the name of that horse again? Ah I remember, Sunflower! That's it's name. Well, Sunflower was missing one day. Didn't I tell you where it lived? Sunflower lived near a great castle, this castle had wonderful gardens and that is where Sunflower used to graze, play and run. Often the little prince who lived at the castle and Sunflower went for a wild ride and have fun! Anyway, one day Sunflower was missing. So the little prince was crying his eyes out, as he wasn't big enough to go out searching for himself. Funny thing was that as long as the horse Sunflower was away the days went darker and darker! For months Sunflower stayed away. And all of the sudden he returned! And you know what? He brought back the sun! Every day Sunflower was back the days became longer and warmer. Can you imagine how happy the little prince was when he saw his friend Sunflower again? And that my friend is how the sun comes back every year. It shys away for the cold winter but it is brought back every year by this brave white horse called Sunflower.

What a great day! I went for my initiation, to bring back the sun, and I succeeded! There had been a sad time as well, while I was away I had to miss my little friend, I missed my home and the warmth of the sun. I had to be brave while I'm not always, I had to be strong while sometimes feeling comfortable in weakness, I had to expose myself to the sun while crawling away into a safe hidden place would have been easier. But I knew my friend was depending on me and waiting for me. He would never give up caring for me so I had to go on and do my duty. And what reward! Now we live happily ever after and I will never fail to bring back the sun again as I know from now on that I can do such a task.

Bringing back the sun is something I had to do several times in my life. And some of those attempts failed. Because I did not dare to rely on my skills or help from others. I have always encouraged other people to go after what they want in life. And while I seemed so independant and strong (travelling alone, working abroad, being outgoing, seemingly extravert) I knew that all this intense living was a way as well to hide my shyness. While all my experiences added, nothing gave so much fulfillment when I decided to do something in my work for other people. And to do that in the way I wanted really needed to bring back the sun. Lots of effort, much gained. I am glad I went for that initiation journey and got home safe and happy. :)


21 Ways - Step Four

Step Four - Daughters of the Moon (B/W), Five of Flames

I'm so excited because last night I'd decided I was too tired to work on this step & I went to bed. Suddenly, this myth poem started coming to me & I had to jump up & write it down. The odd thing is that it doesn't come out of any place that I'm in right now, but really seems to come from this particular card in this particular deck.

Once upon a time in a land called Whippoorwill
A craggy old dyke lived at the top of a hill.
She'd been raped & abused, beaten, treated rough
You know...the usual stuff.
When she'd learned once & for all the world was no good,
She retreated to her hill in a deep, deep wood.
In a tiny little cabin with just one room
It was only her and her homemade broom.
Around & around she walked and she swept,
Tears flowing around her as she screamed and she wept.
She ranted and raved, all the time sweeping,
Tears always outpacing her attempts at housekeeping.
Years passed by till her circular path
Bore a hole in the floor and then down through the grass.
Further and further she swept her way down.
She was no longer on earth; she was far underground.
The further she went in her descent,
the less she noticed her tears were wet.
Instead they became a hot molten flow
That snaked all around her and gave off a red glow.
"I've had it! I've had it! I've had it!" did she yell,
And thrust her arm up from the bottom of hell.
The lava tears jumped at the sound of her word.
They were in her control; her voice would be heard.
"No more will my cycle be sweeping and crying.
That is not living. That is just dying."
The lava flowed up at her word of command--
Straight up through her body and out through her hand.
It rained down on the hill and the house and the broom,
And for all who had harmed her, it spelled out their doom.
No one knows what will happen when she is done,
But it's whispered around that she'll start to have fun!

My name is Lava, though I used to be called Tears. I'm hot and angry and I can burn everything in my path. I'm an avenger.

I've had this kind of sadness & hurt that goes inward & then turns into anger that gets directed outward. In fact, I feel like I'm struggling with this sort of bitterness right now. In my myth, the woman is freed by releasing her anger outward...or at least there's that offered as a possibility. In my own life, I don't think that's the answer. I think I have to find something to do with the hurt, but hopefully not turn it into anger that gets acted out on others, not even on those who are the source of the hurt. Maybe just write myths with it!



annelida, that is a remarkable was of expressing your feelings and perceptions thru the card, from the card. I believe most of us have discovered this type of consuming and heartfelt anger at times -- hopefully, not to often.

I had someone ask recently about how to deal with depression. My reply was to go outward in their environment and do something to help another. It's easy to be glib and shallow about another's experience and situation, but perhaps this anger (the fire) can be converted back to hurt (tears) and then to compassion for others by helping someone else in a similar situation -- literally turning the intense depth of feelings out from yourself and thru another as a means of cleansing. This is all symbolic, of course, but sometimes it takes a symbolic step to get the real world moving.

In any case, thanks for this special sharing post. Dave


this one is hard for me i keep trying ut cant sem to get into a groove.
If I do not find my way by tomorrow I will just write stream of conscience


step 4 The Star from Tarot of Dreams


Once upon a time

There was nothing then there was a great cosmic boom!! Upon hearing this galactic blast and seeing an explosion on momentous proportions the great female spirit noticed the earth.

But it was dark and spiritless to her point of view it needed her help she can tell “ HE” manufactured this blast and needed her help making it complete.

She took form clothed only in space and manifesting to vassals with the flowers of the rainbow in them poured this upon the earth granting light , spirit and joy and making our home complete.

And when ever we see a rainbow we know it os her presence behind such a magnificent event. For behind everything we see with our eyes there is so much more we feel with the spirit

From the beginning there was me and there was him we are the beginning. I feel a cosmic shift and choose to notice a new presence in the galaxy.

It is a new body latter to be referred to as earth is is huge and beautiful and I can feel all the raw power here but it is lacking in beauty, spirit, my presence.

I vouchsafe this planet with one of my greatest gifts; the gift of spirit life and beauty in each hand I hold the vassals of light holding the immortal lives with in it.

I pour this essence of spirit of spirit in the form of a rainbow now this is complete truly me and him have a child of wondrous magnitude

I have had this happen to me when I first joined alcoholics anonymous. March 22 will be 5 years and it is like the star card because it is a new life with spirituality in it before I was an empty husk like the rock pre-star card.

Now I have a better life and more complete and happy with a better understanding on spirituality.


World Spirit - Two of Cups

Once upon a time there were two princes. One was from the east and one was from the west. Their lands had been at war for many generations, but the two young princes did not understand why. It seemed that the war was going on simply because it always had. So the princes started to write to each other secretly to plan that one day, when they were both kings of their respective lands, that they would declare peace and end the war. They wrote to each other every week for an entire year, at first discussing only how to end the war, but then they started to share their hopes, ideas, and feelings with each other. The realised that they had much in common, being the eldest sons of each kingdom, and so were able to talk to each other in a way that they had never with anyone else. After a year had passed, they realised that through their letters and discussions, that they had become the best of friends, and they dearly wanted to meet each other face-to-face, even though their two lands were still at war. So they made a plan to sneak out of their palaces, dressed as common people, and and secretly meet at the border. Finally the day came when both young princes sneaked out of their palaces and through the fields to the wood that stood between the two kingdoms. For a moment, each stood behind a tree on the opposite side of the meadow, hardly able to believe that the other was really there, too. But then they both stepped out into the open, saw each other, and ran across the meadow to meet in the middle. They hugged and laughed and danced together. They roughhoused and played, they lay on their backs in the grass and looked up at the sky and told each other their dreams and fears. As the day grew long, they knew it was time to go. So they got up, and in the middle of a fairy ring of toadstools, they joyously and solemnly pledged their undying friendship, and to bring peace to the two kingdoms. They agreed to continue to write to each other every week in secret, and to meet at this same spot every year to renew the pledge and to enjoy each others' company for a day.


Step Four - Gilded Tarot - 3 Cups

Activity 4.1

Once upon a time...

I spent the early evening getting ready to go. I was putting on my red dress, getting my hair done just so. I was waiting for Cindy and Sherry to come over. We were heading to the bar for a night out on the town. Cindy had on her blue dress, and Sherry had on the green one.

We headed out with only good intentions for a great evening.

Once we got to the bar, we were each handed a glass of wine. The glasses were beautiful. They were large and gold, and there was an amazing design etched into them.

The night was filled with dancing and wine and lots of good times.

Activity 4.2

I am a young woman getting ready for a great night on the town. I'm patiently waiting for my friends to come and pick me up, so we can hit the town.

Activity 4.3

Well, this story was a pretty typical Friday night when I was younger. I have changed the names to protect the innocent :) It was usually a fun time. There was no way I could tell any story other than this one because those good times are ingrained in my brain.


21 Ways - Step Four

Golden Tarot - 6 of Cups

4-1: Once upon a time, there was a beautiful city, filled with love, laughter, sunshine and happiness. Everyone worked together to provide for the needs of others and thereby....no one was left without. One day, a young boy decided to take his younger brother out for a walk. As they traveled down the road, they came across a beautiful field of flowers and grass and decided to take a rest under a tree. As the older boy read a story to the younger one, the younger one ventured off looking for something exciting. He came across insects, came across greenary, came across fruit, and came across animals. But what intrigued him the most were the birds. Ahh...to have feathers, wings, the ability to soar! As this small child chases the birds, he dreams of freedom, of flight, of carefree fun, and yet, subconciously continues to listen intently to the story his older brother is reading to him. "How fun to be the hero of that story," he thinks to himself! As it draws to a close, he snatches the bird, runs toward his brother and hands him a golden cup of flowers...."Thank you for the story, Brother!"

4-2: Ah yes, life is good! How many children my age have an older sibling that care about them as much as mine does?? My big brother, he's the greatest. He shares his toys with me; he shares his food with me; he shares his time with me. I love him so. How can I tell him how I feel? How can I express my feelings when I don't know the words yet? He took me for a walk today. My legs got tired from walking so long and when I told him I wanted to rest, he agreed. My big brother is funny.....he wanted to sit.....sit and read a book. "A book?" I thought. "Are you serious? Books are no fun! Look at that bird up there! Don'cha wish you could fly like that, Brother?! I want wings too! Look at me, Brother, I'm gonna catch him!" *laugh, laugh...giggle, giggle* "YAY!! I caught him! LOOK, Brother, I got him, I got him!!! Brother?? ..... BROTHER??? Did you see me?? BROTHER???....are you listening?????

4-3: When does one "realize" the difference between childhood and adulthood?? The book asks me to share a story in my life that represents these emotions. Does it count if I say that I can't pinpoint only one moment, but that the majority of my life has been a replica? I'm 39 years old and STILL struggling for that genuine acknowledgement I had dreamed of as a child, but didn't realize was a dream at the time. I have two siblings. Oddly enough...both of them are younger than I am. At one point in my life, I can remember being the only child...the one that was loved and cared for. But when my siblings were born (one each by opposite parents) I suddenly became the older one. (and "the older one" doesn't come close to expressing my feelings, but seems to be the best, most simple way of describing it at present.) Anyway....I still struggle with the position of each of my siblings. They are treated in a way that I "was" and still wish to be. But because I am the oldest, I seem to be the one that suffers the consequences in more ways than one. I feel most intently that I've been "jipped" out of my place in life, and even while I've come to terms with it in my adulthood....it's amazing how these very little things can creep back up on us when we least expect them too. "Brother, won't you please notice me?? I'm trying so hard to show you how much you mean to me and how much I want you to like me."

Damn...that was a hard one! As I proofread it, I found myself getting teary-eyed.....yikes :(

I hope the rest of the lessons lighten up a little bit!