21 Ways To Read A Tarot Card -- step ONE


I am taking the first step in launching the Study Group for Mary Greer's book, "21 Ways To Read A Tarot Card." Each step has two sections, the Way of the Apprentice and the Way of the Adpet. We will limit our explorations, for now, to the way of the Apprentice and after completing the 21 steps we can start over with the more extensive "Way of the Adept." Perhaps we will mostly be adept at that point.

Step ONE asks us to pick our deck, draw three cards, turn them over and select one card which will be used throughout this entire exercise. We are to pick one of the three cards, preferably one that has some complexity within it, or multiple figures, all which will provide ample food for thought. We will each "say the card's name" -- M.G. says that this bonds the card to us, opens a flow of insight and information -- this will get us started on our explorations.

A rule or guideline or two to help us stay organized:
1) You can title your thread response any way you wish as long as you start it with "21 Ways -- your text, title, or whatever.
2) The first line of your message should say: Step ONE: Deck, Card.
In my case, the first line will say (when I post) Step ONE: Fey Tarot, World.
3) In your first post you may want to describe your card's appearance or provide a photo-attachment.

4) Any list participant is free to join at any point. Your first post at any of the 21 step threads should follow guidelines 1, 2 & 3.
5) A separate thread will be started for each step.
6) If there are any questions or uncertainties, the book will be the guiding force.
7) The progress will be slow at first so as to allow everyone to be comfortable. At this point I don't see any of us wanting or needing to move faster than one step per week. Like everything, that's subject to change. Anyone can suggested changes for the group to consider at any time. That suggestion will be subject to what the group majority prefers.



21 Ways -- Step ONE launch.

Step ONE: Fey Tarot, World.

The Fey WORLD card is depicted against a sky with stars, Sun and Planet/Moon. A large snail is proceeding thru space carrying a walled city on its back, a green hill in the center topped by a tower with a dragon perched on the tower top. A wall surrounds the hill, towers along the wall. A small green Fey flies above the dragon, appearing to be descending so as to land on the dragon.

This is the Fey WORLD card. Dave


21 Ways - Step One

Step ONE: The Intuitive Tarot, Chariot

This Intuitive Tarot version of the Chariot card is quite different from the RWS or Marseilles versions. It has an oval frame which focuses in closely on the Charioteer himself and only the tops of both wheels of the chariot. It is a 3/4 side view, and we see bright sun-rays coming out from the wheels. The two horses, one black and one white are small and painted within the frame of the oval at the bottom. They are represented in the picture, but are much smaller than the Charioteer. With the focus on the driver himself, we can see that he is a strong, muscular young man; nude except for a mask showing a shining sun in the center of his forehead. He is LIGHTLY holding the reins, which indicates that he may be in control of the steeds with more than simply his muscles (perhaps his mind and WILLPOWER?). In the other hand, he holds a swinging mace on a chain for Ares, the god of war.

This is Chariot card of the Intuitive Tarot which I am holding in my hand.



21 Ways - Step One (second card for me)

STEP ONE: The Intuitive Tarot, Ace of Wands (One of Rods)

The Ace of Wands, which is actually labeled the “One of Rods” in the Intuitive Tarot, brings a whole new set of imagery to the concept of the dynamic core of creative, energetic intuition, as should be the case in the FIRST CARD of the suit of WANDS/RODS.

Rather than a hand coming out of a cloud holding a wand, we see what the author Cilla Conway calls the “unfurling stem and leaves of the World Tree”. It is white folds of a beautiful image that almost looks like an unfolding Easter lily, stretching to the heavens. Nestled around and above this World Tree/Flower are bubbles and planets and stars, which gives us a strong sense of the vastness, limitless effervescence of creativity and new ideas which are about to burst into our lives.

I am holding the One of Rods from The Intuitive Tarot.



21 Ways: First Card Drawn

Step ONE: Druidcraft, Prince of Cups.

The Prince of Cups (which corresponds to the Knight in the RWS) sits astride a sturdy brown horse. The horse wears a decorated halter and bridle, and it has a patient and tolerant look about its face and a wavy, flowing mane. In the Prince's left hand he holds aloft a golden goblet as if offering it to the night sky, or to someone we cannot see. His right hand holds the reins of his horse. He is barefoot, and uses no saddle, just a blue blanket. The Prince is dressed in red, blue, and green, with adornments of gold and a gold helmet with a red feather decoration. He wears a leather wristguard on the arm that bears the goblet. The horse has stopped beneath a tree at the grassy edge of a lake. It is either dawn or dusk, and a waxing crescent moon hangs low in a cloudy sky.

This is the Prince of Cups from the Druidcraft Tarot.


21 Ways - Step One

Step One: Hudes Tarot, Temperance

This card shows a lovely woman with wings, standing over an above ground pool of water. She is looking at her reflection in the water, as she pours a cup of water into the pool. Her reflection does not display her wings; they are covered up by the ripples the water makes as she pours it into the pool. There are mountains off in the distance. A grassy lawn and a tree are not far from the pool.

Here is a link to a picture of the card -



We will be moving to Step TWO soon . . .

Because Step ONE is only about selecting and bonding with a specific card and deck, it seems that everyone is waiting to get into the main purpose of the book -- reading the cards. This evening I plan on moving things along to step two. All who join our discussions at any point are still expected to go through step one. It is an important prerequisite for following the books journey of discovery. Dave


We are moving on to Step TWO.

Look for another thread titled 21 Ways To Read A Tarot Card -- Step TWO.

Since the first step was merely to select a card from a deck of your choice, I am assuming that many of you, after three days are waiting for the real stuff to begin. If you jump in on the next thread you will still need to follow the process outline in step one -- shuffle, deal three cards, turn them over and select one card which will be used for the 21 steps.

See you at Step TWO. Dave


21 Ways - Step One

Step ONE: Victorian Romantic, Strength

This card shows an elegantly dressed and coiffed woman with 5 lions. She has calmed 4 of the lions surrounding her and one is currently challenging her.

I have selected 8, Strength.


Step ONE: DruidCraft Justice

In this card Justice sits on a rock ledge bench. She holds the scales in her left hand and an upright double-edged sword in the other. An owl shares the bench with her, and a spider lives in the hollow of a bush by her feet. Her feet are perched on one rock and a feather lies on another. She wears a gown of blue with a textured blue bodice. A purple robe on her shoulders, and a metal helmet covers her braids. Her gaze is direct and stern, but not scary.

This is the DruidCraft Justice card