21 Ways To Read A Tarot Card -- Step SEVEN


A) Question for all participants and those who follow this list.
B) Step SEVEN introduction.

You can answer here by posting or PM me. I have the feeling that some of you are moving ahead of these weekly postings of successive steps. I have been going at a pace of about one step every week. If that is too slow, please let me know and we can pick up the pace.

There is something that comes from sharing in a group venture that brings a lot of meanings and insights forward. When some read ahead and don't share, then we all, as well as you, lose a lot of what we can learn from this book. So please respond with what and how you are working with this book and how this list can better serve you. Thanks.

As always, I'm reading this book as I type this. This is the step where we each have to synthesize what we have learned in spets FIVE and SIX. This means that we review what we have previously posted and then we bring the statements made then about the number or rank, the suit, element, and mode and intergrate them. The integration process should form concepts that are more than just the previously identified keywords. In other words, we are to put some thought and flesh onto these words, coming up with concepts or word-pictures that blend, deepen and/or extend the keywords themselves.

Mary Greer notes that the "whole should be more than the sum of its parts." In this spirit, we are to address the specific sub-steps she outlines for us.

7-1: Synthesize keywords into an integrative statement for each of these cards:
** Page of Pentacles.
** Eight of Swords.
** Wheel of Fortune.
** Ace of Cups.
Now do the same for your chosen card. Try as many different combinations as possible. Which of these statements feels most true? Howdoes it relate to your life right now?

Create a further synthesis that includes material from descriptions, emotions, and fairy tale -- everything that has been explored up to this point.

This is an important step I feel. We need to "put our whole selves in" as the song (Hokey, Pokey) says, not just a left foot or a right arm. We learn when we meet the challenge. Good luck. Dave


Synthesize keywords into an integrative statement for each of these cards:

Page of Pentacles:

Mode is court card answering the question of who.

A Page can be a messenger, a baby, a beginning, innocence, initiator.

Pentacles in my deck (RWS) has the element of earth which is about patience, hardship, practicality, growth, struggle.

Together these words could indicate:
-a baby's first steps
-quarterly interest garnered on a financial account
-a new perspective/relationship with money
-starting a new business
-a child's first allowance
-dreams coming true.

Eight of Swords

Mode is a numbered card which answers the question of what is the nature of the circumstance or life event.

The suit is swords which is the element of air in my deck.
Keywords for air are wit, self-doubt, spirit, invisible difficulties, decision.

#8- keywords are regeneration, organization, progress, adjustments, practical endeavors.

Together these words could indicate:
-Losing perspective in the mist of conflict
-reaching a decision that result in crisis
-feeling blocked and not knowing how to get out
-using wit to address internal issues
-not taking self too seriously

Wheel of Fortune

The mode is major arcana which addressess the question of why...the lesson to be learned in a given situation.

The element for this card is fire for my deck.
Fire is denoted by passion, courage, enthusiasm, optimistic attitude, willfullness.

The number 10 is assigned to this card.
#10 is about wholeness, new beginnings, release, completion, transformation.

Together these words could indicate:
-Rags to riches to rags story
-learning to stay centered in the face of adversity
-ending and/or transforming long standing friendships/relationships
-feeling at peace internally when one lets go, and lets God

Ace of Cups

Mode is Ace which answers the question of where. Where there is potential in a circumstance, and the elemental nature of the potential.

The Ace denotes the root, an emergence, inspiration, awe.

Cup is the element of water in my deck. Water can be about sustaining, receptive, flowing, and secretive.

Together these words could indicate:
-reaching a low point and finding inspiration in a favorite song
-being introduced to someone you find interesting
-open to a new love
-becoming emotional at a joyous occassion.

5 of Swords

Mode is as a number card which answers the question of what a situation is, the nature of the circumstance.

Swords is the suit with the element of air in my deck.
Air is communication, initiation, struggle to work out problems, conflict.

I initially used keywords magnetic, enthusiastic, progressive. Now I can also add change, crisis, new possibilities.

Together these words could indicate-
-new possibilities which create crisis in a life situation
-struggle to communicate
-internal changes/outlook effects friendships
-drawing change like a magnet
-enthusiasm for life philosophies are not shared or acknowledged by peers

Which of these statements feels true?
All of them.

How does it relate to your life right now?

I currently am at a quandry, really just miffed at how a conflict/fight I had with a girlfriend has taken deeper dimensions. What started as one issue has led into other resentments on my part. One week before all this blew up, I started this study and chose the 5 of Swords. At the time I had no clue that this card would take a deeper significance. I believe my 30+ year friendship maybe over as a result of this fight. If not, it certainly will get an overhaul. A great deal is my fault since I did not voice concerns, and issues as they happened. I have allowed myself to look over transgressions made by my girfriend(platonic relationship). In turn, I feel myself to have been taken for granted a few times too many. I struggle for solution, and I presently keep my silence. I do not wish to communicate for the fact I do not know what to say or how to remedy the situation. Intrinsically I feel at peace with all that has transpired, and I certainly can see where we have grown apart for many years now.
This has been an interesting practice, I found it a challenge and hope I did it correctly.


this is going to take some serious work. Would it be ok if I did this step in parts? I can just edit my post and keep going back.


Piece by piece?

Yes, by all means. Doing it in sections is just fine. I was thinking about that myself. Dave


I think I'm going to do the same. I've done the first two, and I'll post the rest when I get to them.

I had fun brainstorming as many keyword combos as I could for these. I'm sure it will get more difficult when I get to the Wheel of Fortune. And my chosen card, of course.

Page of Pentacles

Mode--Court: a person, a way of acting, an attitude, the kind of person who . . .

Rank--Page: child, messenger, student, inner child, serve, develop, vulnerable, receptive

Suit--Coins: possessions, health, nature, grounding, giving and receiving, material objects

Page of Pentacles Syntheses:
a child of privilege
an email that you have inherited a fortune or won a prize
an attitude of curiousity about how the world works--a scientific mindset
a nursing student
someone trying to heal him/herself
giving without expecting anything in return
someone who keeps his head when everyone else is losing theirs (grounded)
a little girl who is not interested in fairies or princesses--
either old before her time, or mature for her years

8 Swords

Mode--Number: thing, happening, situation, effect, experience

Number--8: mind/thoughts (Hod), re-evaluation, ordering, restrain

Suit--Swords: will/determination, plans/strategy, wit/cunning, trials, mind/thoughts

8 Swords Syntheses:
putting your ideas to good use
censorship, ideas on trial (restraining thoughts)
thinking too much, stuck in your own head (thoughts restraining)
refining strategy in light of what has happened so far
inspirational speaking = aligning a group of people's wills
working on a clever idea until it becomes a workable one
determined to break through restraints

Added 3/15/07:

Wow. It is great to see so many different interpretations for the same cards--and they all seem to work! As I thought, the major was a bit more difficult. I seemed to come up with lots of aphorisms and song lyrics for it.

Wheel of Fortune

Mode--Major: why, lesson to be learned, cause, archetypal energy, spiritual factor

Number--10: wholeness, consummation, karma, harvest, fulfillment, completion and new beginning, material manifestation (Malkuth)

Element--Fire (ruled by Jupiter): ambition, enterprise, enthusiasm, passion, movement, action, innovation, creation

learning how to manifest creativity
the spiritual side of making your dreams come true
(The song, "We Can Make It Happen!" by the Pointer Sisters)
A passion to achieve wholeness/consummation
spiritual fulfillment
As the world turns; here we go again!; (archetypal movement)
The more things change, the more they stay the same
"A consummation devoutly to be wished"?
Karma: You reap what you sow; what goes around comes around

I usually try to resist Karma meanings for the Wheel and reserve them for Justice. If all cards mean the same thing, then none of them mean anything! But it does seem to fit with the 10 theme. . . .

Ace of Cups

Mode--Ace: where, sphere of action, potential, elemental energy

Suit--Cups: emotion, relationships, joy, pleasure, moods, reflection, receptivity

Number--1: Beginning/birth, seed (existing but in potentia), gift, source

falling in love
the source (seed) of joy is within everyone
in the realm of emotions
in the private sphere
the meaning of loved ones in our lives
allowing oneself to experience emotions fully/indulging in overwhelming emotion
empathy (gift of receptivity)

4 Wands

Mode--Number: thing, happening, experience, situation

Number--4: realization, harmonization, establishment, foundation, stabilization, order, positive limitation (Chesed/Jupiter)

Suit--Wands: fire, action, movement, energy, passion, enthusiasm

harmonization of movement = dance!

stability and order to energy, passion, and enthusiasm = ritual, holy days, celebration, formulas, order of worship, written rituals, achieving and celebrating milestones--graduation, wedding, ordination

prerequisites, required credentials, societal expectations of proper conduct

positive limitation of passion and energy = spiritual teacher/guru (think Karate Kid!), discipline of children for their own good (guiding their energy into acceptable and useful activities), self-discipline (same)

This was more difficult than the other number cards in that my syntheses seem more abstract. Except for dance!

Added 3/20/07

What do i most need to look at in my life right now? 4 Wands

Well, this is what I'm concerned about these days. I'm an almost-empty-nester, and I'm often thinking about what to do with the rest of my life. I thought I would see what advice astrology could give me. Come to find out, I have a Libra North Node, which supposedly means that my task in this life is to understand relationships. Arrggh! This is horribly frustrating and upsetting to me because I've been in a relationship with my husband for 27 years, and it has basically been a constant struggle. He has issues, I have issues . . . So now I find out I have really big, KARMIC issues! In other words, the problem is not just because he's nutty . . . I really DON'T have good relationship skills (as I have been accused).

Well, now I'm really discouraged. HOW am I ever going to learn this lesson in this life that I have? I don't feel I'm up for this struggle with myself.

4 Wands is here to tell me:

Don't be discouraged. Relationship skills are skills like any other. You have to focus your energy and attention and try and practice before you succeed.

Try to enjoy your life. Relationships are supposed to be a good thing in life, not a chore. Celebrate your successes and be yourself.

I hope I can take this advice!


Dave's step Seven efforts.

I've had a busy couple of days and was later than usual in posting my thread. It looks like everyone is rising to the challenge. Several have raised the question of whether they are doing these exercises correctly. DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT, ITS NOT THE END OF THE JOURNEY -- ITS TAKING THE JOURNEY ITSELF THAT IS THE GOAL.

And thanks to those who have responded by PM about the pace of these exercises. We'll continue on a step-each-week pace.

News about a proposed project is received. Delivery of a heavy package raises concerns. One who is curious about news another receives risks scorn. Expectation of recognition from another risks one’s self-esteem.

Comment: This card may suggest either news or the likely arrival of good things, valued items, success, or a plan for completion of a commitment.

As a "past" card: You were the recipient of something good, of value.
As a "now" card: This is the time for good results to happen, news about gains of some kind, someone who will be of help to you.
As a "future" card: Expect good news, monetary gain, support from associates.
As a "resource" card: Someone can provide research, information, a loan or support. Look for those who have something to offer, then ask for help.

What brought me to this situation? It’s quiet after a rough period; what comes next? I need to think about this before I do something. I’m now alone, this is the time to do something.

Comment: This card also speaks of victimization – how the victim feels, why the perpetrator would do this? The card also speaks of self-doubt and indecisiveness that leads to inaction at a time when decisions and actions are appropriate.

As a “past” card: You avoided taking a stance and ended up in a bind because of inaction.
As a “now” card: This is the time to step out of a situation that has you bound up.
As a “future” card: You need to prepare for a challenge that you are fearing to face.
As a “resource” card: Think carefully about who you lean upon, how they can help you, whether they can really be there when needed.

Why is this the time to choose? Look at what has passed, then consider the next logical phase. Am I prepared for change? Do I recognize that things have changed in some way?

Comment: This card speaks of unsettled conditions, possible unease or a refusal to see what is changing, or a hope for a better situation.

As a “past” card: Changes occurred which re-arranged your situation.
As a “now” card: You are feeling that everything is shifting under your feet. How are you with this feeling?
As a “future” card: What you are doing now will cause changes for you or others. Is this likely to be a good thing?
As a “resource” card: Are you counting on taking advantage of a confusing or changing situation? Are you certain of how the outcome will affect you and others?

How will this opportunity affect me? Starting this project will cost me a lot of personal effort. I’m nervous about what will come.

Comment: This is the typical “feeling good about what is to come” card, happiness in the wind, contentment with the developing or promised situation.

As a “past” card: You expected good news and support for your wishes.
As a “now” card: Sleep well if you can, all will be well.
As a “future” card: You are hoping for a good experience and result.
As a “resource” card: Your happiness and expectations will bring enthusiasm to others and inspire them to support you.

How do I make sense of this situation? I need to gather my wits and skills to resolve this. There is a best way to bring calmness and understanding to this situation.

Comment: This card brings an opportunity to exhibit your mastery over a challenging situation. Others will see you as a role model and leader.

As a “past” card: You did an amazing thing.
As a “now” card: This is the time to show what you can do.
As a “future” card: You will be expected to act like a leader.
As a “resource” card: Your strength will attract other strengths. Act with conviction and confidence.

Oftentimes when I'm trying to determine card meanings I think of the role that card may play in a past, now, future or resource position within a spread. That sometimes "rounds out" the meaning for me. The exercise didn't ask for this but then, from a conversation with Mary Greer, I think we can safely say that this is an exploration and that we should feel free to think freely and exercise our mental wings as much as possible. Dave


page of pentacles
the page is a court card hence it is a who
Pages can mean messengers, study, learn
Emotionally curious, interested, hopeful

Pentacles/coins (earth) money, final result, fruits of labor
Emotionally secure, satisfied, fulfilled grateful

an e mail about a new job opening or job interview
a letter that I qualified for a university
Someone one coming into my life that is book smart with money but not much real life practice with managing funds

I think there is synergy with the hopeful, satisfied , grateful emotions of the page and earth element.

8 of swords

Mode-- numbered card situation life events actions what’s up
Rank --- 8 -- direction, control. Practical endeavors, progress, process, movement, results of victory and changes

Suit swords—air—will, thought, mental process, reason, plans cunning, communication, discussion
Emotionally hopeless, depressed, mischievous, heart broken (man I do not like this thought that air is always bad I think it is unfair)

Synthesis— 8 of swords
Thinking of a new direction in my life
Trying to control my environment through my thoughts
Planning a way to win at all costs/take no prisoners attitude
Expressing my ideas on stage or phone talking about what is in my head

As an aside I work with computers for a living and can be over analytical ignoring the emotions side of things but I am almost always nice to people and never try winning in a dirty way. seems my job and mode of thinking is very swords but I don’t get the bad side
Except I have a hard time empathizing with emotional people

Wheel of fortune

Mode: this is a major arcane and the asks us “ what is the lesson to be learned”
Rank: 10 wholeness completion, new beginning, karma, material power, transformation
Suit: fire energetic, passionate, desiring, enthusiastic, willful

Synthesis: Wheel of fortune

Lessons to be learned
What I will into being will come back as the wheel goes around I can get off in many places
If I do not like my situation then understand “ that to shall pass”
With my energy and passion I can create new beginnings
With my will I can transform into something new
New material fortunes are on the horizons

Ace of cups

Mode: Ace where under what domain
Rank: Ace, Potential, opportunity divine energy , alone new beginning
Emotion, inspired aroused decisive wondrous
Suit: Cups Water emotions, dreams, spirituality, compassion pleasure, institution, inner process

Emotionally, happy, joyful, loving. Shy, melancholy

First off this card has such wonderful synergy makes you want to screm for joy from the roof tops and hug the stuffing out of somebody

This is all taking in the realm of joyous emotions new beginnings

That spark you get when you see someone that you really like
You might meet a very happy joyous person
There can be confusion over emotion when you fell one way and they feel another and can get very depressed
also that first crush but also can be that first heartbreak

Rank I have the Star 17 1+7=8

I believe regeneration and results of victor and changes fit this card well
Especially regeneration after that trip through the devil and tower the fool needs a break

If I stick with the book element the lesson I can learn is no matter how hard my life appears now there is hope in regeneration if is is hard I can light the good fight and if I keep at it I will have a new life latter

if I go with the water element and 8 together it is wonderful symmetry
love compassion happy lovely dreams about a bright future

even if I use both meanings I can assure my self life will be good if I have a spiritual connection


Waiting just a little bit for . . .

Up thru STEP SIX we had myself, Dwass, LixiPixi, Coyoteblack, rOsered1ster, squeakmo9, and rachelcat still with us. At this step we still have Horace, LixiPixi and rOsered1ster to do step seven before we move to step eight. I'll wait until tomorrow to post step eight. Dave


21 Ways - Step Seven

Page of Pentacles

Rank: Pages - hopeful, inexperienced, wonderous
Suit: Pentacles - money, security, possessions, employment
Element: Earth - grounding, instincts, realization, effort
Mode: Court (Who?) - messages, youths/students, births, immature


1. Telegram announcing a new birth in the family.
2. Acceptance to a prestigious college.
3. New employment opportunity with pay increase and job status

My Impression:

The Page of Pentacles is a message about something related to "new gains."

8 of Swords

Rank: Eights - adjustment, movement, direction
Suit: Swords - intellect, decisions, verbal communication
Element: Air - mentality, logic, knowledge
Mode: Number (What?) - life events, actions, situations


1. Someone speaking harshly towards you.
2. Someone speaking without thinking.
3. Feeling unable to speak your mind.

My Impression:

The 8 of Swords is about being held back from something unwillingly that you want to say or do.

X Wheel of Fortune

Rank: Tens - completion, fullfillment, change
Suit: Major - unchangeable, destined, deep-down
Element: Fire - energy, excitement, desire
Mode: Major (Why?) - lessons, karma, hidden factors


1. Your desire to find happiness is based on your past experiences.
2. You have achieved all that you have hoped for.
3. What goes up, must come down.

My Impression:

The Wheel of Fortune lets you know that whatever situation you are currently in, whether good or bad, will change to the opposite.

Ace of Cups

Rank: Aces - beginnings, unexpected, gifts
Suit: Cups - emotions, moods, relationships
Element: Water - loving, empathetic, shy
Mode: Aces (Where?) - new opportunities, energies, potential


1. An unexpected love comes back into your life.
2. You are newly blessed with something unexpected, but hoped for.
3. When you least expect it, you will find it.

My Impression:

The Ace of Cups represents a new beginning related to something desired from deep within.

Golden Tarot - 6 of Cups

Rank: Sixes - acknowledgement, achievement, generosity
Suit: Cups - emotions, moods, empathy
Element: Water - happiness, joy, contentment
Mode: Number (What?) - Situations, events, actions


1. You have achieved recognition for all your efforts.
2. You are able to give instead of receive.
3. Where your heart is, there will your mind be also.

My Impression:

The 6 of Cups represents healing past hurts and moving forward with your life.

My life application for my chosen card:

My impression of THIS 6 of Cups relates to being able to give instead of receive. A sort of mutual appreciation for one another....

My father once asked me how I knew I was "truly in love." I was able to respond with...."When you are so concerned about the other person, their desires, their needs, their interests, that you forget about yourself and your own personal needs, that's when you know it's 'real' love."

It's all about a mutual love for one another in terms of forgetting about yourself and caring for the other. It means that your own needs are never left unprovided for because the other person provides for you while you are providing for them.

So sorry for the delay in my post this week! - all my children have been terribly sick with fevers, coughs, and lithargy. It's not easy to type with a 2 and 4 yr old stuck to you like velcro :p

dadsnook - please don't hold up the lessons on my account. I will catch up as needed. However, it sure is helpful to have that little bit of "push". Sometimes, we forget to take time for ourselves to do something "we" enjoy and in turn rejuvinate ourselves. Heaven knows, I need that kind of push more often than not!

Blessings to all....


Edit: P.S. I purposefully have not read through the other posts because I don't want to be influenced when posting in the steps for myself. I find it better to go back AFTER I have posted my own first - then I am able to learn and apply other insights.

With Lessons #6 and #7, I have found it very difficult to differentiate between the suits, elements and ranks. For example, the keywords of a Pentacle will clash with the sychronized element of Earth. And the keywords for Cups will clash with the element of Water. Has anyone else had this problem and if so, how did it affect your responses? As for me....

The book will often give "Emotions" of a particular suit/rank and I used that in relation to my answers. The Suits for me followed the "Emotions" where the Rank followed the initial key....well, see.....they just seemed to overlap and I felt as if I was repeating myself more than I would have liked.



Knight of Pentacles - Tarot of Prague

Using Greer's assigned cards and the Appendices, I came up with the following combinations:

Page of Pentacles
- A child who is secure in its family
- A messenger bringing word about money
- Birth of a new attitude toward health and fitness

8 of Swords
- An event causing re-evaluation of a problem
- Taking action to regulate or control a current conflict
- The effects that come from using a methodical, integrated system

X Wheel of Fortune
- Narrowing a multiplicity of choices down to one
- The energy that results from joining many elements into a single concept
- The lesson to be learned from being passionate about a clear direction

Ace of Cups
- Focusing on the emotions inherent in the situation
- Taking pleasure and gratification from the achievement of a goal
- The new opportunity that comes from finding the joy in home life

My card: The Knight of Pentacles
- The actions that can result from being centered
- Expanding a skill with the aid of another person
- Being patient and confident that money problems can change through the use of existing skills

The synthesis statement:
Through becoming centered and more patiently aware of my dreams and aspirations, I can see actions that can be taken and uncover others who can help me achieve those goals.