21 Ways To Read A Tarot Card -- Step TEN & A NEW CARD


Sept TEN
** I choose a new card! The reasons for doing so.
** New card description.
** Step 10 challenges.

For the past week I've a strong sense of completion and starting some new. I've decided to choose a new card. Many of my winter-time commitments have been wrapped up and I've felt a great sense of relief. We have been refinishing the entire interior of our house. The weekend we installed a full wall mural which came on 8 rolls of wallpaper. This is a dramatic scene of Italy's Amalfi coast as viewed from a arch-way covered patio overlooking a small village, marina and plunging-to-the-sea mountains. This is a living-with-us reminder of our cruise this past summer to the Mediterranean Sea and several European countries there. I now have several new projects going, foremost is the final preparations for my new astrology book on predictive methods, second is two more writing ventures to outline, third is working with a software developer to have these methods incorporated into software, fourth is to divest ourselves of a summer beach cottage we've had for over 30 years to focus on another phase of our life.

Of course I'll stay with my Fey Tarot, but this time I find the other end of the Major Arcana spectrum appealing -- I'm choosing the FOOL. The Fey FOOL is unique as Fools go. We see a Fey kneeling, holding and looking at a glowing Pumpkin. A look of total amazement is on his face. His tunic is green on the front, purple on the back with loose laces joining the two halves together. A large, plain crown is on his head, a key hole in the front above his forehead. Keys of all shapes and sizes are tied to his clothes, big rings are around his waist with more keys.

For some of you who have worked so hard with your descriptions and review of your card, this may be a time to consider changing your card. I know my life situation has changed. And my first card's meanings have given me many answers. The impulse came today.

There are several related tasks to be done here in preparation for this step. Permit me to note them for the benefit of those following this list who may yet still wish to join us.
** Look up meanings for your card in several books or other resources.
** Refresh your mind about a question, the question, that is paramount in your mind about the direction of you life or whatever other theme issue that is paramount for you.
** List all the meanings you dig up -- summarize their meanings, briefly. Do these line up with your previous meanings? (Oh, this is not good for me and my new card).
** Write about the meanings, specifically their differences and similarities. (it might be desirable to combine this and the previous step).
** Later you can look back and review what you have written her and before.

** Turn each interpretation into a question about what's happening in your life. As Mary notes, we have now learned to ask good questions. This should be fun, as it always is. Pardon me, but you just don't know how much of a kid at heart that I am. Dave


Dave's TENTH step & new card

First, I want to share my new card choice which I have chosen to represent the new phases of my life right now as recent past situations fade away. The Fey FOOL card is very different from other decks yet it clearly captures the core meanings while offering its own views.
* The many keys clearly offer various opportunities, implying choices available.
* The glowing jack-o-lantern pumpkin is a totally out-of-context object or issue that sometimes happens in one's life. All kinds of questions arise because of its unexplainable presence.
* The demeanor of the Fool is of utter astonishment and bewilderment. This has taken him out of journey and caused him to pause. Will he question this, will he walk past it in a moment? What will change for him because of this?
* Where did he get the crown? Clearly it offers him possible, future enlightenment if he realizes what it offers and how the keys he carries can be used.

Available Fool Meanings:
** (Fey book) Many beginnings, questing, empty container to be filled, a blank page, a question, the emptyness of knowledge, trust that may come, a universe of "it is not" and "don't know" that applies to many, lack of direction, madness, strangeness, paths less trodden, distance from the truth, simplicity, ingenuity.
** Older Tarot meanings for the Fool: lacking belief in God, outside of the grace of God, unawareness of what surrounds him (such as in the Waite-Smith card). Compare this to today when the Fool is surrounded by large numbers of questions and fewer answers, doubts, uncertainties of how various portions of life and situations work or don't work together, a befuddlement of information and choices, the portions of ourselves that knowledge and experience haven't yet dealt with.
** Tarot Reversals by Mary Greer notes: Spirit before manifestation, the presence of all possibilities, being in the present, a fresh look, flights of fancy, lack of assertiveness, an eccentric whim, among many other meanings.

My question:
The primary concern now is "How will my new book be received as it is introduced sequentially to various people and groups who will help to launch it in the coming months? Relative to this new card I note the following: This will obviously appear (the book and its subject) as something new and unexpected to those who are introduced to it (the out-of-the-blue jack-o-lantern). There are many opportunities to put this before the astrological public and those professionals wishing to improve their predictive tools (the number of keys). These opportunities are for me to imagine and discover (the crown with the key hole). The book draws a distinction between what is up-front in the astrological community and what is not so apparent (the green front of the tunic, the purple back) -- this refers to my unique use of Sidereal-related tools that both simplify astrological work as well as making it more accurate. The holding of the glowing pumpkin in the left hand with the right hand on his chest points to a give-and-take awareness going on (I have a software developer who is willing to modify his astrological program to include these "new" techniques).

List the meanings that have jumped out at me:
* The number of possibilities (keys) to unlock my idea-offering (crown).
* The communication between the pumpkin (discovered world) and the Fool along with the bright light of discovery.
* The dark background (past, present) compared to the new light in the foreground around the Fool.

The fourth suggested step doesn't apply to this newly chosen card, but if we look back at the Fey World card where the Fey was confronting the Dragon, the Fey has obviously found a way to get past the dragon and is now dealing with it.

Questions and Answers:
We are asked to look at previous book interpretations and ask questions and furnish answers.
* (trust that may come, a universe of "it is not" and "don't know") How do you see the book overcoming old practices and becoming open to the new methods offered? I have used current examples of very popular or well-known people and events as examples of how graphically these methods work.
* (paths less trodden) How do my concepts represent something new? I have introduced the means of doing away with astrological signs, houses and most aspects -- yet have presented the effective use of planets and chart angles to clearly provide answers and worked examples that are very powerful.
* (simplicity, ingenuity.) How will the simplicity and ingenuity of this book's message be presented? Charts without sign-degree numbers and aspect lines all over the place will be shown, making it simple to focus on just a few items. Ingenuity of the process and the software will permit anyone to try this for themselves.
* (uncertainties of how various portions of life and situations work or don't work together) How will my book and approach to predictive astrology address issues of concern to others? Professional astrologers have to put in great deal of work to make predictions and to answer client's questions of "what" and "when." This book's topical areas will touch sensitive points in their practice.

We each have primary or even burning questions that are foremost in our minds at any given time. I thank you for bearing with me as I move thru this creative process. Those of you have visited the Astrology Forum here on AT know that I practice a very clear and effective form of astrology and that I try to help others in their studies no matter what path they choose for themselves. This exercise, based on Mary Greer's book, 21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card, takes each of us on a very personal and deep journey.

I encourage any of the many who follow this thread to jump in and participate. I know that you'll find yourself adding to your abilities to "see" cards in a different light from now on. Dave


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I can see how picking a card now will make it more fun I will see when I get home which card to pick


Step 10, Part 1

RWS 5 of Swords
Book meanings:

Vikki Anderson said:
A battle brewing…disharmony…the need to be a gracious winner…standing on cement- fortifying, strong, grounding, stable…
-Totally Tarot

M.J. Abadie said:
Someone may have disappointed you, but you were expecting too much…accepting boundaries…defeat, misfortune, betrayal, and loss… period of adjusting to some kind of change brought on by distress or loss…uncomfortable process, but necessary…
-The Everything Tarot Book

Sandra A. Thomson said:
…honoring the cycle of thought that moves from the unconscious energy to initial conscious recognition (manifestation)…inner struggles to penetrate higher planes of existence…time to move in new directions…the ability to deal with rejection, losing, and winning.
-Pictures from the Heart

All these meanings line up with the keywords picked from step #2-3, how do they differ? They don’t, the book definitions just expand and place thoughts, and events more succinctly.

Q: what do I need to know now?

A: that this is clearly a period of changes and adjustment, ones that will aid you in years to come.

Previous meanings from past steps that do line up with book meanings:
#5- change, alteration, self-doubt, wounded, crisis, new possibilities
Swords- pain/sorrow, communication, fight/flight, anger/hate.

From step#2
I can see where my feelings are depicted as changes happen…
tired, fatigue, stillness, cold, heaviness, sorrow.

From step#3
Again the emotions are reflected as a disturbance, “feelings that it is over”, disappointment in self, “tried too hard and was invested in outcome far too much.”

Book meanings differ from my own meanings that I gave in Step #5…
Enthusiastic, progressive, magnetic.
The only thing I can think of in regards to these terms now is how I wish to end up.

Step 10, part 2

Turn each interp into a question:

Vikki Anderson said:
A battle brewing…disharmony…the need to be a gracious winner…standing on cement- fortifying, strong, grounding, stable…
-Totally Tarot

How well do you think you came through these changes?

I think it might be to early to tell, but am feeling rather strong on why the conflict happened in the first place. I do not feel guilty on what I have decided to do.

Do you think there will be retaliation?

There has been already. A month has passed and there has been no other. I plan on doing and saying nothing. I have already reached a decision within myself, no need for discussion unless forced.

Do you have a battle brewing in your head?

During the first couple of weeks, I did, and what I had thought might happen, did. Very spiteful behavior, but I expected nothing less from her. So the hate was very much alive those first few weeks, now I can’t say I feel any. I have worked diligently to forgive her and myself, in my head, because I have no desire to see or speak to her again.

To see her, what would that feel like?

Disturbing, lol.
I would rather not think on that.

M.J. Abadie said:
Someone may have disappointed you, but you were expecting too much…accepting boundaries…defeat, misfortune, betrayal, and loss… period of adjusting to some kind of change brought on by distress or loss…uncomfortable process, but necessary…
-The Everything Tarot Book
What did you expect from this friendship?

I suppose after many years, I just got lazy. I was comfortable and didn’t realize, rather was in denial that things had taken a nose dive. I thought this was one association I could count on, but, sadly did not do the necessary work to maintain it. I didn’t think I had to.

What boundaries were outlined for this relationship?

I’m not sure. As I said I didn’t think I needed any defenses, at the same time. I think much on my part functioned out of obligation and or guilt, I simply wasn’t sentient of the complexes involved.

How are you feeling in regards to what you have experienced?

When I don’t feel loss and sorrow in my waking life, which these days I don’t, they turn up in dreams. It surprises me a bit since I feel fine, but I guess a part of me is still working through the kinks.

Sandra A. Thomson said:
…honoring the cycle of thought that moves from the unconscious energy to initial conscious recognition (manifestation)…inner struggles to penetrate higher planes of existence…time to move in new directions…the ability to deal with rejection, losing, and winning.
-Pictures from the Heart

Did you see this coming?

Now I do, but a month ago, nope.

Do you see this as a chance to start anew?

Rationally speaking it makes sense, but emotionally it may take some time to adjust to this way of living. It is all very strange, a part of me doesn’t grasp it yet. I don’t think enough time has passed.

Do you see yourself as the winner?

Right now I feel like a loser, lol.
The sadness aspect of it, not in terms of competition. I really don’t see any winners in situations where there has been a break. You just do the best to move forward and do better next time.

At this step I did not feel the need or want to pick another card, but is nice to think I can do so at any time.


Okay, call me crazy, but how did we go from Step 9 to Step 10 so quickly? Did I miss something?? I woke up this morning (Monday) planning to work on my Step 9 lesson, and I find Step 10 going already with a new card to boot...LOL

Did I miss something? I'm suddenly feeling very far behind......



Longer than we think

Last week, probably Tuesday night, I posted Step NINE. That day and the next the postings were done and nothing happened. So, Sunday night I posted step TEN. All of a sudden steps 8 and 9, plus 10, started posting. Avalanche! Now everyones jumping in and posting. Thats OK. After several days of no posts I thought I'd try the next step to get things moving.

Take your time, we'll wait as long as needed. Dave


are we suppposed to pick a new card ? or is this a case if you want to try some thing new this is the time to do it?

me and this woman from the star are getting kind of close and I was thinking i might just ride this pony till she drops.

on the flip side i cant seem to get a new " view" of her blah just this thought will keep mea day or 2.


New card, old card

I reached a point where my focus, commitments, and activities had changed and my card no longer represented my views, attitudes or concerns.


welp then in that case I will stick with the Star thanks again Dan you are truley going above abdbeyond your call of duty for moderator / motivator for this project.

Also I am not sure I am donig this correct but I can use books from different decks? and different sites that do not apply to decks? or we can even use the other study groups here and use there information?


Star card in Tarot of Dreams

Thirteens meanings
With Aquarius as its ruling sign, The Star is a card that looks to the future. It does not predict any immediate or powerful change, but it does predict hope and healing. This card suggests clarity of vision, spiritual insight. And, most importantly, that unexpected help will be coming, with water to quench the Querent's thirst, with a guiding light to the future.

When the Star card is upright in a tarot spread it indicates that it is a good time for the questioner to have their natal birth chart and current astrological transits interpreted so that they may view a larger picture of their life patterns and how certain situations have come about in their life. The chart offers an external perspective of ones life and can help offer insight and encouragement.

from the Wiki
In readings, the Star is most welcome when grief and despair have overwhelmed us. In our darkest moments, we need to know that there is hope, that there is light at the end of the tunnel. The Star is the opposite of the Devil who strips us of our faith in the future. Card 17 holds out the promise that we can eventually find peace of mind. The Star also reminds us to open our heart and release our fears and doubt. If you have been holding back in any way, now is the time to give generously

Tarot Of Dreams(CD)
Star in brief
Calmness. A meditative state, quieting the mind so that one
May gain clarity of perception. Hope. Seeing clearly the next
Appropriate goal

Intuition-hope-optimism-healing-openess-calm-bright prospects

Quest Tarot
hope, calmness, optimismf aith inspiration
creeative from being far sighted simple and calm, feeling of being fulfilled

We pretty much agree on the meanings between me and the bok answers except I never saw the healing part of this.

I think the DruidCraft has the more unique of the answers but only takeing from a different perspective.

This card askes you pretty much the same question from different points of view.

In general this cars is such a wonderfull card it talkes about all the beuty in ones life and to understand this card is to understand that that true happiness and joy is not found in richness of wealth money and jeweles but in the inside

besides hope i would call this card serinity

the sernity prayer goes

god grant me the serinity to accept the things i can not change
the courage to change the things i can
and the wisdom to know the difference

This prayer seems to go with this card.
Q Where is there hope in you life

Every day I wake up sober I have hope

Q Now that you are out of the darkness can you see the light

most days i can " see the light" I think this card talks a lot about gratitude as well and generally speaking I hae plenty of gratitude

Q With the madness that confusion causes in the past do do you resonate with the calmnessof this card.

When I think of my past and where I am now I smile like a loon and some times people look at me like I am nuts 'cause i smile so much but they never saw the tears of my past either