21 Ways To Read A Tarot Card -- step TWELVE


I just saw Marry at the readers studio and she even autographed my book. She is really nice. I will try and have my home work done by tonight.

After reading her comment I know why she gave aknowing smile when I told her I had my book on me because i was running late on my homework.


I appreciate Mary's comment, and your passing it along Dave. As a relative newcomer and beginner in tarot, I can learn best when a "better way" is pointed out to me. And, in fact, I was one who tried to 'solve' the problem. So let me see if I can get this right. My previous comment:
whipsilk said:
you have many fears about this house, many worries, but if you focus on the result, the positives about the house, the fears will pass away and you'll be satisfied with the purchase -- all of your concerns and worries will prove to be fruitless.

A better response might be:
whipsilk said:
you have many fears about this house, many worries. Examine these fears for validity, for what may lead you to a decision that you can be comfortable with. What do these fears tell you about your comfort level in buying this house?

I'd appreciate any feedback on whether the second item actually avoids a 'solution', and adheres to Mary's suggestion. I'm still not completely sure I got it right, but didn't feel comfortable stopping after just the first sentence and leaving it there.


For whipsilk and all others

I would have liked to had the opportunity to meet Mary also. I have three of her books; 21 Ways, Reversals, and Tarot Mirrors -- this last book was published in 1988 and a special appeal to me. I keep Reversals at my desk for reference as I find it highly informative and helpful.

Mary, in her last message, also noted that, "It usually helps to begin the interpretation with a restatement of the position meaning, such as the 8 of Wands indicates that what you fear is . . . making a hasty decision that you'll regret later" as a way to frame the positional meaning and lead into the card's meaning. She went on to say, "The card in a "Fears" position does not say that you'll definitely 'make a hasty decision,' but only that you are afraid of doing it, and, by itself, this card does not give advice for fixing the fear or its object. It is simply a picture of that fear."

As for myself, I read each card as I turn it over. I make a brief statement and let the querent comment or ask questions. As I go through each position and card, I start to relate it to other cards. When the story doesn't flow I note that it doesn't and that I expect the other to-be-read cards will make it all clearer. Many times the querent will discuss what a card could mean.

When I have the whole spread before me than I read it as a continuing story. If the querent puts a different slant on what I say then I pursue that. I'll not try to slant my reading to fit a context that is offered unless it is obvious that the context fits the cards. What the cards say is what they say. I don't care if they are presumed "wrong" -- I've seen too many times when they turn out to be right. While my readings may be sloppy at times they have never been wrong. I have complete faith in what they help me discern. Dave


Dave - Thank you for passing on my comments. You've done a stupendous job with this study group. And thanks everyone for all the appreciative comments about my books. Okay, coyoteblack, who were you at Readers Studio? I think I remember, but am having a hard time putting a specific name and face to you (you can PM me if you want).

It only seems fair at this point that I come out of hiding - really I only look in occasionally on the study group as I've been busy. And, as Dave said, I really don't want to cramp your style. You don't have to do things the same way I would. I discover a lot just by observing your variations. But, I do think this point regarding Fears is important.

Whipsilk - your rewriting of the Fears position makes much more sense to me. Does it work better for you? I really liked how you ended it with a question:
What do these fears tell you about your comfort level in buying this house?
This opens up all kinds of possibilities and leads to looking to other cards to see where there is support for the person's concerns (or not).

This reminds me of when my then-husband and I came home one night to find his 12 year old daughter under the dining room table. She'd come home an hour before us and was terrified. He started to tell her how silly it was to be scared - giving lots of reasons why she shouldn't be. I stepped in and said the fact was that she was scared - her feelings were real and there was nothing wrong with them. Now, what could we do about it? The three of us sat down and brainstormed several things she could do if she was ever home alone at night again. I kept coming back to asking what would help her feel safe and secure. It ended up being a really deep and meaningful discussion where her needs were respected. Interestingly, I don't recall her ever being scared like that again.

My point is that it is much more powerful to first just acknowledge the situation as it is - with no judgements about it - simply a witnessing. You can't believe how often people thank me for just seeing what they are going through. After that you can begin to look for options - in this case in the cards in other positions.

One of my big rules (to myself) is "I don't have to fix anything!" Sure, I often break the rule, but I make myself stop, look and listen first to "what is".

Forgive the rant, but it seemed worth doing.



I am brian Keegan then one elanore was telling the story about when we ate breakfast together and she tarot-kwon doed them 3 guys

i was sitting in the middle table second row
5'8" about 230 kind of big i talk real fast



Tarot of Dreams Star

The main benefits of the Star are inspiration compassion and hope

In my life I need to be more compassionate

I would phrase the question:
Who can I be more compassionate towards?

In AA I am normally compassionate of the newcomer but when a person keeps relapsing especially a person with a lot of time I tend to just ask what happened so I do not make the same mistake but there is very little compassion this is definitely something I am working on.

The positions I am using are
What is known?
What is hidden?
Next step

It is known I can be more compassionate towards an old timer that relapses and offer inspiration and hope.

What are hidden are the spiritual forces that I can not see are at work all around us maybe that person relapsed to save many more like a dear in a herd that gives its life so the herd can live. Offer compassion towards the person making the sacrifice so we can live relapse can = death

My next step in my spiritual grown is to offer compassion even if I do not feel it originally because there are many spiritual forced at work that I do not understand, if I do not offer compassion now I might be the one needing compassion latter.



Tarot of Dreams Star

Issue Like the picture I can some times hide my emotions and appear aloof not show how I really feel

6 of wands ( fire)
This tends to be the victory card I like to be in control of my self and growing up I was raised if you cry I will give you something to cry bout so I gained victory by controlling my emotions so the source of my aloofness emotionally can be a desire to be in control and victories over my base emotions

What I can learn from this? Knight of wands

I think if I learn to let go I can be like the knight of wands and ride my horse to my full potential be free and spiritually full and energetic( although I do not need to be more physically energetic)


Step 12 - Fantastic Menagerie

CARD: The Star
DECK: Fantastic Meangerie
Card can be seen here: http://www.fantasticmenagerie.com/Majors2.htm

12:1 Interpretation of 8 of Wands from Nefertari's Tarot

1) THE RECENT PAST - in the recent past you have felt an urge, a need, to move forward and quickly.

2) AS AN OBSTABLE - you are moving to fast and acting before thinking.

3) YOUR STRENGTH - your strength is your ability to regenerate and keep moving forward wich helps you overcome obstacles as you don't dwell on them.

Modification of meaning based on spread position:

4) What is my purpose in life? (the best that can be achieved)
To be honest I had a real hard time with this one. It was hard to determine the best that could be achieved without the life purpose having been identified. So my interpretation is very general, vague, and even feels false.

The best way to fulfill your life purpose it by setting goals and achieving them, one at a time, with the confidence that they will keep you focused, directed, and moving forward.

5) What do I need to know about buying this house? (My fears)
You are afraid that you might be rushing into something you are not really sure you are ready to take on. You are feeling the pressure and stress of a life changing or at least seriously life affecting decision. This can also be called cold feet .... see the Egyptians bare feet on the cold floor?

12.2.1 What I most need to look at in my life right now is how my needs affect my environment.

12:2.2 Interpretation of chosen card - THE STAR - within new perspectives:

KNOWN: My needs are for tranquility and calmness in my environment.

UNKNOWN: Need for validation to believe that I am acutally a part of that environment. A permanent and loved part of it.

SOURCE: The source of these needs stems from my childhood (ages 6 - 15). Being raised in a different country where I looked very different from the other kids, and as my parents worked I spent a lot of time alone or trying to fit in. Never quite managing.

Kids can be cruel, little girls specially, and now that I see things in restropect I see how affected I was by all this. I have now brought it into my marriage, and I am still seeking that happy place where I am so perfect and loved. That is the source of tension in my environment as affected by my needs known and unknown alike. No wonder he gets so upset!!! he is right "I do not get it!" ... well perhaps that is about to change. About being a relative term, of course *LOL*.

Is anyone else having this kind of epiphany????? By this kind I mean a profound finding or something.

12:3 Three card spread:

THE ISSUE: THE STAR - The issue is that I am trying to make my environment someting it cannot be ... perfect.

WHAT IS BLOCKED: 9 OF CUPS - this card shows a big elephant smoking a cigar with his trunk, and with 9 Champagne bottles, 4 or 5 are open and spewing in the air but he does not look really happy. Maybe a bit smug, but not really happy. Based on my issue I would say that what is blocked is my ability to really appreciate what I have, and how good I actually do have it. I also have trouble celebrating any progress I make in the direction of improving my environment. I may stare at it like the elephant looks at the ibis-woman if you put the cards side by side, but like the ibis-woman in the Star card I just look away and get all distracted and focusing on something else.

WHAT CAN HELP ME BREAK THROUGH THE BLOCK: 5 OF WANDS - and OMG if this is not a card I ran away from in Step 1 ... the card depicts 4 cocks fighting, a brawl, and a hen all dressed in her Sunday finest watching them fight over her I presume. So how does card represent a break through .... I need to determine what the heck I am fighting and why! re-asses this situation, is the hen in the blue dress even obtainable? or am I just fighting the good fight for altruistic reasons. Who am I in this picture ... I like to think I am the hen, and I tell myself I am the poor innocent hen, but that is just not true. I am one of those cocks fighting simply by not being honest with myself which in turn of course makes me unable to be honest with my husband ... which leads to fights ... which lead to yelling ... which lead to other verbal unpleasantries ... So I think this card is actually telling me to wake up, call a truce and leave the hen standing there. Go find another hen, become a comrad and close friend to that other rooster.

So to sum it all up, JEWEL'S RAMBLINGS is what I usually call this part, In this case I actually have to quit trying to make my life the Star card as that is actually an ideal not a reality. I need to really partner with my husband in this marriage and build this environment together, and appreciate and celebrate our successes together, and be OK with his ideal and mine are not the same so our environment will not be MY STAR card. It does not have to be so hard ... except I am apparently more obtuse then I thought I was ... my bad ...

Thanks to this spread I think I am finally seeing things a little bit more from my husbands perspective. I don't care much for how he expresses it sometimes, but I am starting to understand ... he would be so shocked if he knew! *LOL*


21 ways to read a tarot card - step 12

Step 12 ~ Modifications

Step 12.1 Interpret the Eight of Wands from Nefertari’s Tarot if it came up in the following positions

**The Recent Past ~ You rush into decisions before taking everything and everyone in consideration, you must learn to look at the whole picture first.

**An Obstacle ~ Your haste, your in such a rush to get things done that you overlook the obvious and important issues.

**Your Strength ~ Once you set yourself a task or goal you strive forward until you reach your goal.

** Question ~ What is my purpose in life?
Position ~ The best that can be achieved.

To find happiness and contentment after the turmoil of the past few years, we have grieved enough and although they will never be forgotten, now is the time to let the past go and move onto brighter and happier times.

** Question ~ What do I need to know about buying this house?
Position ~ My fears.

Buying a house is a huge decision both financially and emotionally; you must sit down and list the pros and cons of such a decision at this moment in time only when you have all the information in front of you can you make an informed decision.

I will post the rest of this step later.



21 ways to read a tarot card - step 12

Ok heres the rest of step 12, this step has been quite liberating and eye opening.

Step 12.2a From what you’ve discovered about your chosen card, what do you most need to look at in your life right now? Then rephrase this as a question?

Question ~ How can I move this relationship forward?
Answer ~ I trusted my instincts and fought tooth and nail for this relationship so we now need to move it forward by working together as a couple through the obstacles we are bound to encounter along the path. We must learn to talk things through instead of bottling them up. We must show a united front to those who try and pull us apart.

Step 12.2b Pick 3 spread positions and interpret your chosen card from these new perspectives.

1 ~ Influences from others ~ Going back to the large hooded figure in The Lovers card I feel this figure is other people interfering in our lives, trying to project their feeling onto us and telling us what they would do in our situation. As long as we stay united we will be able to make our own informed choices and not be influenced by other around us.

2 ~ Fears ~ Through lack of communication things can be misinterpreted and used out of context. I can be quick to judge and tend to make snap decisions I will have to learn to engage my brain before my mouth and learn to talk about things.

3 ~ What you need to let go of ~ Independence, only to a certain extent though, because I was single and lived alone for such a long time I only really had myself to think about and found it hard to let another person into my world, I done what I wanted when I wanted and still tend to do this even now, so I need to think about my partners feelings more and commit more of myself to him (not an easy thing to do).

Step 12.3 Three card spread.

Issue ~ The Lovers ~ Do I trust my instincts and stay and fight for this relationship? We’ve been through such a lot in the past few months, if I walked away now I feel I would be letting myself down.

Pro’s ~ 3 of Disks (Works) ~ With hard work and effort we can push this relationship forward, but to progress we must both work at it and work as a team to overcome the obstacles.

Next Step ~ The Universe ~ Everything that has held me back is now powerless and I can move forward I’ve survived what has been thrown at me and at last the final hurdle has been cleared.