22 Majors N. CONVER by Christ. PONCET avaluable

Yves Le Marseillais

Marseille City /aka Tarot City

Monday 02nd January 2017

Hello and Bonjour from France !

First of all let me wish you a superb New Year 2017... ;)

In this early year I wish to informs you that I have decided to distribute in global exclusivity a special deck made by a good friend of mine: Christophe PONCET.

Note that this very limited edition is composed of only 500 boxes.
One hundred have already been sold to those who received my Newsletter N° 6.

It's a special edition of the tarot of Nicolas Conver 1760 - 22 trump cards:
The work of Christophe PONCET deserves the respect by the rigor of its bibliographical research, its artistic curiosity and the passion which drives him.
The box of a beautiful deep blue which presents these 22 cards of the tarot Conver is an attractive present to be offered or to offer itself to oneself.
Cards have beautiful dimensions (75 mm x 140 mm) with a back in midnight blue crossed of golden stars. See photo.
A smooth white bag decorated of attractive griffon gives a certain touch of class to this beautiful object for collector.
If you are interested in the theories and Christophe's works, you may well visit the special site which he built for that purpose. A journey in the art and the history:
Here: http://www.3x7.org/fr/
You can order this set of cards on my site:

The price is 16 €uros by box + Postage.


Be happy !

Yves Reynaud


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Le Fanu

The link above to your page doesn't work for me but the one linked to your profile here does. Maybe it's just me...


Didn't work for me either.


Nor for me.

ETA. JayBee's link works.

Yves Le Marseillais

Good link now

Hello all,

I changed link as suggested and it works now apparently.




I received my Poncet Conver today. Thanks Yves!

It is almost impossible to describe. It is a restoration which seems to adhere as faithfully as possible to the original conception of the Conver, without the inaccuracies of hasty stencil coloring and color bleeding or fading due to age. It certainly seems to achieve what Christoph Poncet intended (according to what I gather from the description on the box, with my very flawed, rudimentary reading 'knowledge' of French).

This will probably become one of my 'go to' trumps decks, along with the Houdouin type II TdM, and the mini Grimaud (which lives in my pickup truck and consists only of trumps because several cards are missing from the full deck).


Poncet Conver

The Poncet Conver arrived today and I'm very pleased. Thanks, Yves, and many thanks to Mr. Poncet. This is probably my favourite version of the Conver. The attention to detail and the balance of the colours is wonderful. I will be using this deck a lot.


It looks like a lovely deck.

I see that at least a few of the faces are left white. I know this is a feature seen on some antique decks. I know this has been discussed here before, but I don't remember what the reason for it was. I imagine pale skin was seen as an indicator of high socioeconomic status, but other than that I can't remember any specific rationale for it.

From the photo, it looks like the Poncet deck has the white face for the Bateleur, which is curious because the Bibliothèque Nationale/Heron Conver Bateleur has a flesh-colored face. Do all the figures in the Poncet have white faces?

As a 20th/21st century person, I find the white faces a little off-putting. They make it seem that the figures are wearing masks, or are dead.


......Do all the figures in the Poncet have white faces?......

The figures in Hanged Man, Devil, Star, Sun, Judgment, and World do not have white faces. The angel in Judgment has a white face but not the humans. All the humans (and angels) in the rest of the cards have white faces.