3 card exchange reading with feedback


3 card reading for exchange reading with feedback.

deck, dreaming way.

・you can exchange with me in lenormand cards, tarot, oracle cards.

・please don't ask me repeat questions, no yesno questions, no timing questions.Please don't ask me like legal, health issues.

・I'm ok with how does he/her think of you questions, but please don't ask me by just lenormand cards.

・please don't sit if you only give me about 2 lines of feedback, you will be skipped. please don't sit if you might withdraw.

・I'm in different timezone, i will response you a day to 2 days.




I want to exchange as I'm practicing Lenormand.

My question is what to focus on now that I have a temp job that I like. Most of my worries for the past year were work related as I had a bad job.

I'm 33 and single.