3 of swords


I don't know anything about tarot cards and i was wondering what the meaning of the three of swords was. And breif description of the image on the card in the deck you own would be great. i need to know for a screen print i am making thanks for your help


3 of swords is one of the scariest cards in the deck. It's classic depiction is that of three swords piercing a bleeding heart with a rain storm in the background.

The card can be about heartbreak and betrayal, about a best friend stealing your lover from you and this card is where you find out about it. It can also be a card that warns that poisonous ideas and feelings have been building up and they're about to come out. People will say hurtful things to you; they will wound you to the heart.

There is an upside to this, believe it or not. Once these things are said, they're out there, the poison, if you will, has been drained. It's better than not knowing how people feel, or letting such things continue to build up. Agony though it is, now you can get past it.