3 Sacred Rebels readings offered...


**closed to new sitters**

She is here!! Sacred Rebels is finally in my hands and she is AMAZING!

This is a brand-new deck for me so this will definitely be a learning experience. I plan on pulling 1 to 3 cards depending on how it feels. I will use the lwb and my intuition.

I'd like to do general readings. I have a feeling these will focus on deep issues or spiritual matters. I have no idea what will come up so only sit if you are willing to dig deep for feedback.

3 sitters only for now as I don't want to get overwhelmed. I will take my time with these and am willing to pull clarifying cards if the first reading brings up more questions for you.

I'm so excited!! haha!

1. Flames - posted - feedback received - Thank you!!
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3. DDwarks - posted - feedback received - Thank you!!


Me, please. :) So glad I happen to be on the forum. Thank you!


I'll sit lets see what issues come up for me.


May I too please?


Closed to new sitters


Me, please. :) So glad I happen to be on the forum. Thank you!

Conscious Connection -

A vision came to me of a woman taking a man's hand. There was a comfortable feeling to it...as if it had been done a thousand times before, in this lifetime and in previous ones. Something is happening here.

This card speaks of deeping a bond, not by just being close to someone in proximity but finding that compassion within and actively, intentionally being there for someone. Fighting against your own needs and desires by reaching out to help someone you love. Not an easy thing to do, especially when you feel like (rightfully so) that it is your turn for someone to be there for you. This is a life lesson. I can see it so clearly. This relationship that I am seeing is meant to teach you something. Is it a lesson about selflessness? Compassion? Love? Yes...all of these things and more. There is a reason you are where you are right now. Right in this spot, in this moment, in this relationship. Don't let go...not yet. That may come later but right now the Rebels are asking you to stay. To make that conscious decision to deepen a bond that you may be ready to let go of. In loving this person, you are in essence loving yourself. Through many lifetime you have been brought together to learn. I feel in each of those lives you or this other person gave up too soon. The lessons weren't learned. Now is the time. Leaving this union too early would not give you the freedom you crave. It would only leave you feeling like something was missed. Hold on tightly right now, something is about to be revealed.

I went to draw more cards but felt like I shouldn't. There is something about this mesage that feels like it needs to stand alone for now.

**I keep seeing hands reaching for each other, hands holding each other, hands on someone's back (as in a massage), gentle touches...hands over and over. I'm not sure what this means but my feeling is physical touch is very important for this bond.**

Please let me know if this resonates. After you have thought about this, let me know if you have any questions. I will try to draw for clarity.

**Is there a place outside, near grass and flowers, I can hear birds chirping and hear a lawnmower in the distance...maybe its a backyard? Two people are sitting, facing the yard...and again, holding hands**