33 - Faeries of the Future


From the journal:

(first note from this summer)
They have eaten the shrooms - visions - timetravellers
(From last night)

Full-bodied, shining, fat, glistening, pale, fleshy, skinny, round, knobbly bodies everywhere.
Fruitfulness - yes. But also living fully in the body, take care of your machine, enjoy it whatever size it is. "Let your body take you there"

Pointing ahead. Giving and taking directions, trusting the thrust forward.
But also - waiting for someone to take the lead. Anticipation.
There is a myriad of possibilities here.

Where am I going?
What direction is my life taking?
Is my focus on the past, present or future?
Who or what can point me in the right direction?


I see that any fae that are turning back from the future(to the left) seem to loack color and active energy.
The pregnant fae holds an acorn, the promise of a mighty oak.
The fae on top looks both ways. I see a fae dragon, and an oak man, looking directly into the present.