4 of Disks - Stewardship (Cosmic Tribe)


I am working with the Cosmic Tribe Tarot and their "key word" for this card is Stewardship which doesn't help me much because (I am almost embarassed to say this but...) I don't know what that word means. If there is anyone out there with insight that might help me to better understand this card please respond. I am very familiar with the Universal Waite, would this 4 of disks have the same basic meaning - I am just starting to learn this deck and the only other one I have ever worked with was the Universal Waite. So many of these cards appear to mean such different things than the Universal, I was just wondering if this was one of them and if so then what does this one mean?

Thanks a bunch,



Hi Lil-Angel,

I just ordered the Cosmic Tribe and will not get it for another 6 to 9 days so I cannot help you in terms of that particular card as I do not even know what it looks like, but I can help you out with the definition of stewardship. A steward is a physical agent; someone who manages domestic concerns; one who directly directs affairs. In the Catholic Church when one is encouraged to do "stewardship" it is to take care of concerns (usually through financial donations for specific causes or community concerns). One Websters definition for stewardship is "the individual's responsibility to manage his life and property with proper regard to the rights of others." Hope this helps.

Love & Light,