4 of pentacles


I understand why the man is holding the pentacle - financial security and being a little less giving - but what does the town in the background represent?!



Maybe that is the influence of the world around him, or has something to do with investing himself in it or not, social consciousness? Like not getting involved in town government, schools, organizations, or business ventures. Holding on to that Pentacle and breaking into song "you and me against the world" To me this card is about isolation, the physical hermit, not gaining wisdom or anything else, just holding onto what he's got. I hadn't even thought about the town before, but it's some kind of withdrawal or non-involvement from from it. Maybe since he's an old man, clinging to what he has left after retirement, like he's in his home or even a nursing home and can't get out anymore, so he might be overwhelmed and afraid of it, living off his social security check and has everything delivered because he feels unsafe. I wonder if anyone gets this card if they were agoraphobic, housebound, because they are afraid to leave their homes for whatever reason. The world is constantly changing and growning, expanding and that could be what the town represents, it sort of has a life of it's own, whether the old man chooses to be a part of it or not, gain from it or stuck in his ways. The town is outgoing and he is introverted. This is the person who ignores the needs of the world around him or thinks they deserve their lot or they'd do something to better themselves, who watches the news with detattchment, who probably never votes or is a staunch right winger, who sees a crime committed and doesn't report it, hears a cry for help and doesn't respond, the person who is in an abusive situation and afraid to leave, or allows abuse to happen to another, because to protest might endanger his safety and security. (Not only domestic but how about political/governmental abuses to our rights) It makes me think of Nazi Germany and the denial of German citizens as well as the rest of the world that anything was wrong with the treatment of the Jews, Catholics, Gypsies, Gays and anyone not meeting the Aryan criteria, no one wanted to believe it and those that did know were afraid of repercussions if they did get involved or protest or protect the targets. His needs are more important, he never has time to volunteer for anything, hates paying taxes and won't commit himself to anything that asks him to give something of himself. He also is unwilling to ask for help, is suspicious of others intent, his health may be bad but won't go to a doctor and find out what is wrong because he's afraid of what he'll find out or just isn't willing to pay for the service, or can't afford it.
Wow, where did all that come from?


i thought about him being less self centered and giving some wealth (money or wealth of experience) out to the community behind him, so thanks for confirming my little intuitive bit WalesWoman - but u've gone far deeper than i thought it through!
I'll definately note that down and ponder on that for a while!!



I feel that the Pentacles cover his Body, Mind and Soul, they are all connected and grounded. He is comfortable with who he is, and although the city represents the 'material', the guy in the Four of Pents is somewhat removed from it. Doesn't need material gain to make himself happy.
Holds his material stability and structure very dear to himself?


I tend to think of the guy more as a "saver" rather than a "miser". :D

For some reason he reminds me of some sort of "merchant class" chappie, perhaps of the same ilk as the ones who gave themselves up for the sake of Medieval Calais when their town was under seige? })

Certainly, even as a "saver" (responsible for security) he would have wielded quite a lot of power over others! Clive Barrett (Ancient Egyptian Tarot) uses a Pharaonic figure overseeing the filling of grain stores - A biblical metaphore? That is perhaps more in keeping with the Thoth's notion of "(Earthly) Power" (The Thoth image itself is of a castle-keep, without person!) Nevertheless, the RWS card may fit that idea too? ;)



There is also that thing about when you get a paycheck, to pay yourself first before anyone else. Perhaps he's paying himself?


another thought

The first time I saw this card I thought of him as having his past underfoot, his present well in hand, and his future is being created, kind of like the cartoons that show a lightbulb going off over someone's head.


Re: another thought

The first time I saw this card I thought of him as having his past underfoot, his present well in hand, and his future is being created, kind of like the cartoons that show a lightbulb going off over someone's head.

I really like this! One to enter into my tarot journal, thanks!


To me he always looks like he has everthing covered. The ground under both feet, earthly matters, his heart, emotional matters and his head, intelletual matters. He looks quite smug sitting on the lid of a box holding everthing tightly in the box as well as holding tightly on to everthing else outside the box. But the city or town behind looks like he is letting everthing else pass him by the houses on the left look like the sun is just dawning and lighting them up but the houses on the right look like shadows are starting to fall and the light is fading.

To me it represents that now that this person feels that they have security in all aspects of their life it is time to go out into the world and enjoy before time passes them by.


a couple of interpretations

He is the mayor or council man of the town, and the town is dependent on his financial competence. He can turn teh pentacle in his hands upside down thus pointing the star downward thus representing financial debt.

The man is a resident of the town behind him or a resient of the area around the town. The pentacle on his head is the taxes imposed on him, the pentacle in his hands is his financial situation, which can be turned aroudn into debt, and the pentacles at his feet are the land he owns and inhabits and its values.

This card is a message to keep your financial concerns stable and prevent negative energy from invading your situaitons. The potential reversal of the pentacle in the mans hand symbolizes the unsurmountable need to keep a positive light and clear pov on the true facts at hand.