5 of cups; 8 of cups (Robin Wood)

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I usually have trouble between the meanings of these two cards using the Robin Wod Deck. If anyone can help tell me the marked difference b/w the two, I'd appreciate it.

Thanks a bunch. :D


5 cups: mourning a lost relationship or maybe a death, 8 cups: moving on, realizing that a situation may be hopeless


When I see the 5 of Cups I see grief and sorrow, but with some of the cups still full. There must be time to grieve but all is not lost and life goes on.

The 8 of Cups says to me "take the high road". Passing up the material for the more spiritual path. Growing weary of your present circumstances and looking for something more out of life.

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The 5 of cups to me means not seeing the positive aspects of a situation - concentrating too much on the negative.
The 8 of cups is moving on taking what you need and leaving what isn't working behind.
Just my two cents worth.


In this deck & others, 5-Cups also refers to a condition or state of affairs that isn't resolved yet. Such as the sorrow or mourning needs to be worked out before continuing onward. Can refer to conflicting emotions or an unstable emotional environment.
By the 8-Cups, there is a resolution of the situation through an understanding or peace attained. There is stength in the position. It leaves one free to make a decision (for the betterment of self, whatever) & move on.


I see the five of cups as sorrow and losing something that was important to you and grieving over what you have lost. You are so hurt over it that you can not see that something positive still remains or may come from the situation. The eight of cups is when you say I've had enough of this situation. There may still be some grieving but you are finally strong enough to just walk away because you realize that the situation just isn't working for you any longer.


The figure in the five card is in a state of despair over something that happened and cannot be undone; they just have not seen the opportunity of what is remaining. The figure in the eight card is in search of a new reason or a new meaning in their life.