6 of pentacles.


I have a question regarding the 6 of pentacles. Is this card about sharing? This is a reoccurring card for me and when I use it in the celtic cross spread it use to fall in the present case and now its showing in my past, only I can’t put my finger on its message to me. Any ideas anyone. Thanks


Time marches on . . .

In my experience a card that has appeared two/more times in the "present" but is now starting to appear in the "past" portions of a spread mean that time has moved on. Generosity to/for others was needed or practiced for awhile, but now the situation has changed. It is either time for reciprocity or for what was given to be built upon and applied to a task at hand.

So, were you the dispensor of generosity or help in some way or the recipient. If you had helped, it may be time to stop and apply your energy, resources and attention to other issues. If you were helped, then it is time to take what was given, add it to what you can contribute, and resolve any issues or projects on your own.

The CC spread is hard to comment on without having the cards of the spreads and their associated questions to consider. When I use the CC I try to adopt some of the "clustering" techniques advocated by Arthur Rosengarten in his insightful book, "Tarot and Psychology." He uses various combinations of cards in the CC spread to highlight certain personality and coping attributes. You should review it at one of your bookstores if you have the chance. Hope this all helps. Dave.


Thanks again Dave. i will definitely look for that.


What are those gold looking things, radiating light anyway?

Well, anyway, it is a nice card, the card looks like a night card, and then you have all these little balls of light, so to speak. Maybe it indicates the act of sharing makes you feel good, not only the person who is receiving it who needs it, but to the person that is also giving.