6 of Wands + Death


I was using my RWS deck and I got the 6 of Wands and the Death card next to each other and I thought to myself, "oh my, the pictures on these cards look really similar!" Both cards depict someone riding off to the right. They're surrounded by people. They're both holding a staff, although in Death's case it's a flag. And I find it interesting that for two cards depicting very similar images, one card usually means success whereas the other means transformation. And then I thought a little further and thought, "well, maybe their meanings are more similar than that because when you succeed at something, that success usually brings about a transformation."

I did a search on the forum to see if anyone else had posted the similarities, particularly on the imagery of these two cards and I didn't come across any. Have any of you noticed the similar imagery on these cards and if so, do any of you interpret the meanings of these cards similarly, if that makes sense, lol. Thanks!


What a great observation!

In this light, perhaps what we see is that these two characters are on their own personal journey, however what that journey is is very specific to each character in the card. For Death, it is a journey of change and transformation, while for the Six of Wands it is a journey of accomplishment and success. In fact, as I write this, I wonder if for the Six of Wands, he is entering the picture (i.e. the journey is coming to a successful end) whereas for the Death card, he is exiting the picture (i.e. an end and a new beginning).


Both figures are moving in the same direction, the right of the card. I consider that side of the card to be the future. So I could see the 6W as a current period of success leading into the future and Death as a current period of transformation that leads into the future.

The people in both cards seem to have different functions. Those in the 6W flow with the rider while those in Death either fall before him or subjugate themselves before him.

I also note that the two riders' heads are turned differently, although I'm not sure what to make of it. In the 6W, the rider looks away from us, the readers, while in Death, the rider looks out at us. Maybe the successful rider in the 6W is modest while Death isn't - he looks you right in the eye and waits for you to blink.

I see the two cards more in terms of compare and contrast than how similar they are. But I'm glad you started this thread cause I don't know that I would've done the compare and contrast without it.



Death card is review a situation of war, 6 wants is returned to his hometown

they are different.

If you feel they are some similar,

One day, you draw these two cards ,

you might known that man on horseback are same person..you can

interpret that he will come back after war


Death, 6oW

The Six of Wands to me always carries the warning of "looks like a victory parade, but watch your back." The visual association with Death you mention rather reinforces that, doesn't it? You're right.