6 Petro -- Legba La Flambeau [6 of Wands]


Legba shoots energy from his hands. The background of the red sun with electric red rays/lightning shooting from it. The sun and rays are against a black background; the sun and its rays are not meant to illuminate; they are to burn away and destroy obstacles.

The entire card is red and black except for Legba and his clothing.

Legba is dressed in comfortable white slacks and shirt, with tinges of red and black.

This card screams “energy” and “power”. Red is strength, passion. The rays are shaped like lightning  electrifying, blowing up whatever it hits (just like lightning). Lightning comes from the sun, not Legba; Legba has his own magic/energy, but it is not as obvious or as powerful. Is he then harnessing the energy of the sun here?

This is a very masculine card (red and black are considered “masculine” colors, as power and energy are considered to be “masculine” attributes).


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