8-card SWOT Analysis Spread


Hi! :)

I've developed a 8-card SWOT Analysis Spread.
It can be used for creative and business projects, starting your own business, and manifesting your dream/heart's desire.

This Tarot spread draws attention to your Strengths and Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats, and can give you insight and help you get empowered.
I draw 2 cards for each category.

[1 S] [5 S] [2 W] [6 W]

[3 O] [7 O] [4 T] [ 8 T]

If you try this spread out, please share your experience and insights. I'd love to know how it has worked for you!!! :)

Have a happy Tarot journey!



Girl Archer

Finally, a SWOT spread at last! Awesome. Cannot wait to try this out. May I ask why two cards each instead of just one? What about adding like a final Guidance/Outcome card?


@Girl Archer
I've chosen for 2 cards per category because it worked better for me in readings. It helps to see more strengths, weaknesses, etc. I haven't experienced an overload. 2 cards worked effectively for me. :)

Adding a Guidance/Outcome card is a very nice suggestion! :D
I've interwoven my advice while using this spread. But I end a reading with an oracle card.
Personally I seldom use Outcome/Future cards. But I see how it can work great for other Tarot readers. :)
I use cards 1 and 5 (the strengths), and also 3 and 7 (the opportunities), for empowerment.

Thanks for the link! :)