8 of Chalices


What is the Key concept for this card?
(for explanation of what I mean with key concept, please see Hanged Fey thread).

I would say: "holding back".



rejecting.....yet not quite sure if it's the right choice.


still searching for that missing something.


Sulis xx


Giving up.
EDIT;Because she turns her back on her goal.Not feeling worthy of something.


turning away



Comparing to the RWS deck, where the person is moving "up and away" from the cups, here the Fey is moving downward (inward) from the large cup. The moon also makes me think this Fey is moving inward. There is the realm of unconscious at work here, I think. I wonder what's at the bottom of the stairs. "moving inward" would be my phrase. BB, Michael



This Fey is walking away from the Cup in the distance, yet she looks back. My impression is like the feeling one would have walking into a dark cellar or tunnel with light behind you, nothing but blackness in front.

Yet, if you were to turn around there is enough light to find your way. So, this Fey has chosen to enter another area, away from where feelings and intuitive knowing is established, perhaps were comfort lies -- or where those issues proved to not meet her needs. Implied is that she is walking into something else, known or unknown, but trusting in the fact that any situation that is not right can't be made right by staying there. Change has been chosen, yet she is hesitant. Can we blame her for having the courage to seek something else? Dave


I see it as a matter of willpower vs. emotions.
Like not giving into a situation because of over-powering emotions (not being controlled by feelings) or
walking away from the controlling nature of addictions.


Key Concept: Self-isolation

5 subordinate concepts:
1. Regret
2. Guilt
3. Loneliness
4. Fear of rejection
5. Uncertainty

A real life situation where I see this card applicable is for instance a person is holding some emotional challeges and keeps them inside because they feel like they cannot share them others due to their own personal assumptions. As this festers inside the person becomes more isolated, alone, and lonely.