8 of Pentacles


yes, I know... not one of the more "exciting" cards of the deck....

was just thinking about this card, since I've drawn in a few times in the past week or so as my daily card.

what are some of your takes on this card?


i would interpret the 8 of pentacles stresses slowing down projects and being more patient. you'll learn more about the situation that way. taking large steps or abrupt actions is risky. understanding the power of patience to gain knowledge is the way to break thru long standing patterns and weaknesses.
hope this helps.


The 'Card of the Apprentice' could be telling you that an occasion or need for further learning is necessary. This can be anything from simply finding or needing to learn a new way to do something or even taking classes in something. A learning process is actively indicated. Whatever it is it will be of good use to you in the long run.

{This contrasts with the 3 of Pentacles - the card of the Master Builder. Interestingly, in the Connolly deck, she has reversed these cards' positions and the apprentice/journeyman is #3 and the master builder is #8} :)


I recently got this card in the #2 position of a Celtic Cross spread regarding a relationship. Interestingly enough later in the #6 position the 3 of Pentacles appeared. I took this to mean that the situation would become clearer as the querent got to know this person better.

Hope that helps a bit.
Rhiannon :)


Agree with Tarotbear. & with Rhiannon.
8-Pentacles can refer to a skill or fine-tuning a skill; application of self as in learning, studying or taking a course of study or any application of self; ambition; employment; persistance; the realization of a goal. Its meaning could be modified by surrounding cards.


If this is coming up a lot as a daily card, I think you have to look for what it's telling you about a very personal matter. Is there something that you feel compelled or encouraged to do, but a part of you just doesn't feel you're ready for it?

That is the sense I am getting. When I see the Waite-Smith image, I usually see a real "only when I'm good and ready" attitude coming though.

The message may be that you're right to resist any pressure to do something you don't feel ready for. Take your time and set your own agenda for it.


In a couple of spreads, it meant (for me) that I was simply working too hard.


thank you all for your perspectives. it helps me see things a little clearer.

joya :)