8 of Wands.. The Fey Tarot


This is a picture of a Fey with bells on jumping from tree branch to tree branch I would suppose. The Branch she has arrived at now has twisted a tendril around her leg. She looks like she is fleeing from something. In this case she is not going any further due to the tendril. Must she turn and face her pursuer ? Not much choice. The 9 shows the Feys hiding and peaking out from a tree. Any ideas ?


Motion and noise -- a contradiction?

There seems to be contradictions in this card.

** This Fey is fleeing or being chased, yet she wears bells to assist those who follow her in knowing of her direction and distance. Why?

** Her motion forward is being halted. Those who have woods-lore know that vines wrap and pull at you if you run through them instead of over them. Is this Fey out of her element?

The book says she represents motion, change and flow. Her passage alerts others. She, therefore, is not being chased or threatened but merely seeks to spread awareness of her passing and what she represents. How would we see this in a reading?

** As a "past" card; something has changed that you may or may not have been aware of at the time. Looking back, what had changed and how did your missing that impact you now?

** As a "present" card; What is changing about you right now? What have you heard but not heard? Someone is moving ahead, someone is trying to move ahead but may stumble a bit. What has to be watched for? Which direction should you move in? Where are other moving to?

** As a "resource" card; who has arrived or is about to depart that can help you or point you in another direction. Who can act as a one-shot mentor?

** As a "blockage" card; who else has gathered attention by making changes that you had only thought about? Are you being pushed into moving when you don't want to move? If so, why? What can you do about it?

The Waite-Smith deck indicates this card is being carried away. The Fey is more up front and personal, you are carrying yourself away. This is a characteristic theme of the Fey cards; they take the standard symbolism one step further---they tend to act upon a thought or situation. I find the whole deck to be much like that. Dave.


It looks to me like she is falling, and she is looking up, and the way she has her hand, seems to indicate that she is looking for something to hold on to before she falls any further. If you look at the background of the car, you can see that there is varying shades of blue, and from what can be seen from the brush strokes, it could indicate great speed.

I tend to think that the Fey has thought about doing something, jumped in, in a manner of speaking, done it with great speed, and has not paid heed to the warnings. And now it is too late, now she is trying to save herself from causing herself great damage.


Two really interesting replies which I will keep. Thank you so much. I had obviously not looked at the card close enough. I understand more now.