9 pentacles , 3 pentacles, king of cups feelings


Hi all,

I am confused with this combination as there are pentacles which I don't read as well.
So my friend crush and also her very friend is whom she is asking about, came up with these cards regarding feelings.
9 pentacles
3 pentacles
King of cups.

Now She is a Taurus and 9 pentacles always comes up when she is around so I imagined it was her, 3 pentacles is the way I see it, a piece of work or this guy she is asking about loves her work as they do projects with each other creatively. Now king of cups . This guy in question is a Aries so king of cups Regarding feelings to me looking at the RWS deck looks like he admires her.

These are solid feelings, to me they are? Would love your feedback.

These are regarding feelings and using the rider white deck.

She always seems to get the king of cups Regarding feelings here and there.

Am I wrong? How would you read this ? I would love all sorts of opinions ��������


Ok just to clarify, are you asking about your friend's feelings for her crush or her crush's feelings about her?


Thank you for reply EmpyreanKnight.

She is asking about her friends feelings.
How he feels about her ? Does that make sense? I apologise if I am confusing ❤️


Thanks, you've just made it clearer, heretolearn. :)

The 9 of Pentacles is a card of self-confidence, independence, and satisfaction. So I think her friend feels content, at peace, and maybe even happy being with her. He likes her just the way she is, and with her he feels that he can be himself. He thinks of her as a practical and diligent person, so he feels that she is definitely someone he can work with, whether in a project, a money-making venture, or something more personal (3 of Pentacles). The King of Cups shows that he also feels like she is someone reliable and sensible tho not boringly so. He feels respectful of her emotional maturity, and because of this he aims to show her his finer qualities.

All the earth and water cards here show extreme passivity, so right now I don't think his feelings for her run to the romantic. But the appearance of the King of Cups whose equivalent in playing cards is the King of Hearts is very promising. If your friend shows more encouraging signs that she is interested in something more with him, he might take her lead and develop warmer feelings towards her. The ball is in your friend's court.


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Empreyan night thank you for the feedback. King of cups is exactly the way he describes me. This description is to a t with all cards combined.