A 12 Month Spread With A Twist


I am offering a group I run a 12 month reading but I thought I would twist it up a little so this is what I came up with:

1. What does the energy of the year mean for you?
2. What energy are you bringing from the previous year?
3. How will the energy you are bringing with you affect you in the coming year?
4. General life card for the coming year
5. Work card for the year
6. Finance card for the year
7. Relationship card for the year
8. Potential best month for you?
9. Potential worst month for you?
10. Potential things to embrace
11. Potential things to avoid
12. Overall outlook at this stage

The first question in the reading will require a small amount of numerology knowledge in that what I mean by the energy of the year is for instance 2017 if you break it down into its core number it is a 1 vibration year. (2+0+1+7 = 10, 1+ 0 = 1) Now the number 1 has a pretty specific vibration I am sure a lot of people know that. So what will that vibration have in store for the person you are reading. You could go as far as to get their date of birth and compare the numbers briefly but that could make it more complicated.

The second and third questions are about baggage. What is the person bringing with them into the up coming year and could they afford possibly to leave some of it at the door?

The rest of the cards are fairly self explanatory but its more looking at what the energetically vibration suggests rather than trying to predict specific things because obviously there is so much that could go on between now and then. Now you could get REALLY specific and complicated and put in cards saying what the energy will be life around each area if they bring their baggage with them or if they leave it behind but thats up to the reader and how much time and energy they want to put into it.

Any comments or suggestions are welcome

Oh and the layout would be in a "12" pattern (i.e. the number 12)

# #####
## # #
# # #
# #####
# #
# #
## ## ####

Sorry that looks confusing I think but you get the idea. The idea would be six down the one and 6 curved around the 2.

I cannot get that image to go where I want it so it looks like 12 when I edit but not when I post. Just imagine it as a 12


This spread is nice and I think I´ll give it a try. I have often pulled 12 cards, just one per month, but there is more depth in this, of course.
I have added this to our Tarot Spreads Index. Thanks for posting this AlysiumDream.

Maybe you mean the layout to be something like this? (That´s supposed to be a 12 :p )



How do you lay the cards? I know it should look like a #12, but I do not if you proceed horizontally or vertically?


I like this spread, I expect it to lead to an interesting reading, thanks for sharing.
I have a question re. :

8. Potential best month for you?
9. Potential worst month for you?

How do you read these? Based on the astrological correspondence of the cards or intuitively based on images or based on some RWS meanings?


Looks like such an awesome spread although I agree with rylla, about positions 8 and 9, I wonder how you would read them as well. I usually do predictive readings for new year but this year I want to try something different. This spread is perfect! :)

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