A beginner's guide to the Thoth Tarot series


Just found about it this afternoon on reddit from someone who had shared this. It's a nine part series about how the Thoth can be a great starter deck and how it can be used by beginners, even if they don't know much about Qabbalah and astrology at first. The author share her experience with this deck in simple words and I find it refreshing! Thought some might enjoy it aswell.



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Thanks for sharing x


Bookmarked as well. Well found! Excellent work by the blogger. :D


What a nice, light-hearted read! Thanks for sharing.

Edward Tarot Hands

Very nice thanks. I dont have a thoth deck as such but l've started with the Tabula Mundi and Crowley's Book of Thoth


That was fun! Thanks for the link.


It's a very instructive series. Thanks!


it was light hearted fun read. I'm still pondering what Alcest might mean in the description of the 7 of cups. I guess they don't mean Incest with uncle Al plus lots of buttered toast and dripping candles...:joke:


Definitely glad to see it. It's nice that people are introducing the thoth as a beginner deck and not just the RWS


Thank you for sharing!

What a great series of posts - and a wonderful blog overall!

(Technical question; is it possible to comment there somehow? I can't find the option anywhere, but perhaps that is because I'm not on a proper computer)