A Birthday Spread


This is a spread I created in celebration of my 21st birthday. It's one of my first spreads, so any constructive criticism is appreciated. I wanted a spread that would give me a basic overview of the year behind me and in front of me, and the challenges I may face.


1. You as you are right now
2. The lessons taught to you in the previous year
3. The lessons you will learn in the coming year
4. Where you will find strength
5. Where your weaknesses lie
6. How you can move forward
7. What will try to hold you back
8. Your potential in the coming year

If you have any questions or comments, I would love to hear them! Also, if you want to see my reading of it, just let me know :)


Nice !!

Girl Archer

May be you could add a final ninth card juxtaposing You in the beginning, and call it the You at the end of that year? It could also help you track your growth and progress over the year. Just a thought. Lovely spread there :)