A Cary-Yale by Meneghello!! How did I miss this!


It's gorgeous. No idea how you missed it - there's a thread here somewhere !

I wish I had that kind of cash just now, but my car insurance bill just showed up...


Wow, this IS amazing. It's the first time I've really wanted a Visconti deck! I love how it's both bright and aged at the same time.

I also have to say that that CollecTarot website is dangerous! I have a very long wishlist there, so many wonderful things.


I learned about it from Bob at Collectarot. Waiting for the postman to bring it![emoji4]


I learned about it from Bob at Collectarot. Waiting for the postman to bring it! [emoji4]


I'll have it tomorrow. Having just seen them live it's like getting a CD of the concert you just attended :) :) :)


Ah, seeing that comparison with the US Games version makes this Visconti fan wish very hard that I had a spare $100! (Ok, 94.95 to be exact.)


Sliding into the mailbox today came the Cary-Yale, and what an astounding deck it is. Oddly enough given it’s importance it’s a rather neglected deck in terms of publishing. There has been only one major publication of it back in the late 1970s’ by US Games. Granted it IS slightly incomplete, but then again so was the Visconti-Sforza from back in those days. The VS has had the limelight all these years but now the CY gets it’s due. The reproduction vs the original USG edition is about as big a change as going from VHS to DVD or standard to high definition. The new scans are absolutely beautiful, rich and full of all the detail the older edition was lacking. The colors are spot on the originals and the full size reproduction means that all the fine detail really pops on this one. The card stock is the thicker stock that Meneghello used on his Sola Busca deck and is perfect for the large card size. There is a varnish on the cards that is a beautiful matt finish giving the cards a beautiful slide and texture. I have some size and color comparison pictures for those that wish to see. I’m so ecstatic about this deck!


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Wow, these photos are great, thank you! Although the deck looks huge -- I guess I didn't pay attention to its dimensions. (And I should have known, as it's because the original deck is quite large, correct?)

Your comparison to going from standard definition to HD is quite right, my goodness! The difference is hard to believe. The clarity and colors look great, and actually tempt me in a way no other Visconti deck has before, as I've said. I can only imagine how magical the originals were! Sounds like Meneghello did a wonderful job. Thanks for sharing, and I hope you enjoy!


Too rich for my blood, as they say, but gorgeous.