A different meaning


Hi everyone,

I was working with the belline oracle and just bought the Thoth tarot.

I was impressed with the drawings.

I really have the feeling that the cards may have a different meaning each time I make a reading.

Let's take the queen of Wands as an example:

1. A woman of power dominating others. (she has her hand on a beast.)
2. But also a woman of power protecting others.
3. A woman full of energy. With all these hot colors around her, it looks she's in the center of the sun.
4. A woman that cannot be reached easily. (She stands behind sorts of sharp rocks)

and so on. I could add many more.

So I guess intuition is very important. And that the reader shouldn't stick to the exact signification of the card. Otherwise he will lose this little pinch of "magic" which makes each tarot reading so amazing.

Did anyone feel that already not only with the thoth but also with other tarots ?




Yes Chris , I feel it all the time! A card can and does have a slightly different meaning in each different reading. It's called intuiting the cards. I also just bought the Thoth deck. (I used one years ago but it wasn't mine) I have never even heard of the Belline oracle.And yes , I feel that with other decks too , not just the Thoth.


I've decided that One possible reason people seem to Feel so much about the Thoth deck in particular , is that So many people use this deck that you can kind-of tap into a group mind............That the deck exists in the minds of many many people. Just an impression I've had of it recently.


I also use the toth deck and feel exactly like you about it. It is so colorful and full of meanings and things and pictures etc.
It is my first deck ( and many say it is to difficult for beginners ), but I just felt drawn to it magically!