A few dreams to share


I saw quite some time ago a dream. (graphic alert)

I was standing in the bathroom, when one of my teeth burst open. Blood was gushing everywhere and my mouth was quite horrid looking.

I woke up and wondered why I had saw the dream because during those times I didn't really remember much of my dreams. Perhaps it was the gruesomeness which helped me remember it.

- I really had a small cavity in a teeth of mine. Perhaps it was a suggestion to get it fixed before it worsens.

However, later that day an acquaintance of mine contacted me. He had a business proposition to propose. I had read the broken teeth dream interpretations online, and one of the interpretations were linked to untrust and unreliability.

I was now fairly sure that the dream was about this proposition, because the proposition seemed dubious at best and I shivered at the thought what would happen if I accepted it.
I happily declined the proposition.

This next dream I saw not long ago.

I went to sleep as usual, when I saw another gross dream during the night.

A fly had nestled into my lungs and was laying eggs there, and no matter how much I coughed it wouldn't get blown away.

I woke up in the morning and I immediately knew what the dream was about.

I had catched a lung infection, possibly even an influenza. My lungs were feeling terrible and a simple cough hurt really bad. Now I have a fever which ranges from 38 to 39 Celsius / 100.4000 to 102.2000 Fahrenheit.

I guess the dream was my body alerting the sleeping conscious that something's about to go down in my lungs.


wow. I was going to mention to you the same thing about the dreams, (not having read the whole thing--and only stopping first at the teeth thingy)--but of course, you already figured it out. Its pretty cool that you are dreaming of things that are coming through and you are figuring out their messages. Good going, you!!! :thumbsup: