A God Associated with Swans?


Here are swans with Clio, the muse of History, and Apollo in the Mantegna Tarot. (I swiped this picture off of a website. I have the LS colorized version, which I will try to scan for you.)


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Celtic mythology is RIFE w/swans (if anyone is still interested)!! :D


The Valkyries also share the folkloric motif of the swan maidens, young girls who are able to take on the form of a swan. If you could capture and hold a swan maiden, or seize her feathered cloak, you could make her grant your wish.

Robert Graves says this: "In mediaeval Irish poetry Mary [the mother of Christ] was ... identified with Brigit the Goddess of Poetry ... In Gaelic Scotland her symbol was the White Swan, and she was known as Bride of the Golden Hair, Bride of the White Hills, mother of the King of Glory.

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Just echoing what web has posted.... the number one deity that springs to mind is Bride.

Are you sure its a male energy?


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I am absolutely certain it is male energy. And it doesn't feel Celtic, if that makes any sense.


Ted Andrews book.. Animal Speaks.. describes the swan. I guess you could say the swan is your "Totem" and through studying everything you can find including Native lore (which I love) you will understand more of the reason. I have a very large painting above my bed of two swans. We have two kinds of swans here, Mute and Trumpeter. They are truly magnificient. I guess there are 50 or 60 in the bay here and there is a feeding program in place for the winter months. People here in Canada try to encourage them to not fly South to the United States as they have hunting season for them there ! By feeding them most stay around. They certainly are represented as spiritual birds... mem


Silver Lotus did not notice you are from Toronto until after I posted. I am in Burlington, Ontario


Look at the legend of the Children of Lir, who were all turned to swans by Aoife, the jealous second wife of the sea god, Lir.