A Good Book On Herbology?


There have been some great suggestions that I plan to check out myself but here are my 2 go-to books on the subject.

The Complete Illustrated Encyclopedia of Magical Plants by Susan Gregg. It is colour illustrated for each plant and suggests how to use them magically.

The Encyclopedia of Herbs and Herbalism edited by Malcolm Stuart which is the best usable book on the subject I've ever seen. It does not list magical uses per se but is superb for info on each plant including medicinal and other uses.


This goes in my cart.

The Viridarium Umbris is going for $2,200.00. :bugeyed:

Crazy price huh! Myself I'd be happy with a cheap paperback rather than embossed full goat hardback :party: Still there are some on ebay for hundreds rather than thousands.

Forgot to add... The Green Mysteries - also in production.

And I refer to the RHS Encyclopedia of Herbs, and anything by Jekka McVicar from a growing and gardener's point of view. At the end of the day, the herbs one uses for magic and healing and food have to be ones that will actually grow where one lives- so getting the cultivation books relevant to where you live is key :)


$2200?!?!?! Jeezaly Crow!!!

You guys have seriously done some damage to my amazon cart... :D