A, maybe strange, question about reversals


namely: how can you get those?

I shuffle my deck the classic way (not like you see in movies: lifting two half decks to make one) because I want to keep my cards in good quality. Shuffling like this automatically means that all your cards keep the same position so how can this result in reversed cards?
Do other people shuffle their cards differently? And if so, what is the best way to shuffle cards without deforming them?



Hi Seeker_11,

If I'm using reversals, which I don't do too often, I spread my deck over the table where I do my readings and shuffle them like that, mixing them around until I feel they're mixed enough then I bring them together into a deck again. Then just to make sure I deal the whole deck out into 5 separate piles then put them back together again giving a hand shuffle to finish. I don't do this everytime but for reversals I do.


'Lo Seeker,

My shuffle resembles EvaAnna's.

I never break the deck in half, bend 'em, and blast 'em in half -- riffle, riffle, riffle.

I too want my cards to last. I don't want them to wear out.

There is an interesting thread on reading reversals you might want to read.



If you want to encourage reversals, as you shuffle, every so often, turn part of your cards when you cut them to shuffle. Do this every so often, and I promise, you will have reversals.

Personally, I don't deliberately encourage reversals, but every now and then, I get one. When this happens, I know that there is no question that it is supposed to be that way.