A Memorable Card reading Experience


Hi Everyone, I am new to this forum and so glad to be here, being able to add in anything that may help someone through my own experience and knowledge.
Eventhough my experience deals with playing cards, I am sure that the techniques mentioned can easily be applied to the Tarot as well.
I would now like to share with you an experience that I had had some many years ago now with a reader and how she prepared and read the cards for me.
The lady that did the actual reading was an older woman with fuzzy wild dark hair, stout in stature, and had an accent that sounded Hungarian. When we began the reading she told me how to shuffle the cards as follows.
1) Shuffle the deck at least thirteen times,
do not (she said) riffle the cards.
Shuffle them only hand over hand.
2) Dutch poke the cards 4 times, meaning hold the deck in your hand and with the other hand use your index finger to poke out the middle of the deck and place it on top of the pack.
3) Cut the deck 6 times so that there are six piles from left to right.
4) Gather the piles together and hand the deck to me (she said).
She gave me a pen and paper and told me to write down any questions that I had wished to ask her at the end of the reading, and also to make notes during the reading itself. She was looking over the cards muttering to herself pre reading each one as she went along.
I think at this point what she may have been doing is looking at combinations and whatnot. She now began to flip the cards on the table one by one in a complete square and to my surprise, both jokers were included as well totalling 54 cards making six rows of nine cards each.
When she began the first thing she said was " your lucky number is 23, this can be your lucky day of a month, that something very important will happen for you. I think that this is what the jokers were used for.
As she read them, she talked nonstop and I mean nonstop. I knew right then that she was a master card reader. She was very quick and very fast pointing out patterns and combinations that i could not keep up trying to write things down.
She did elaberate on three particular cards, she said " see these 3 cards, they are all three's, This means that when things happen in your life they tend or will always happen in three's or a cycle of three's. Now that I have made you aware of this, you can now break this cycle up.
Throughout the reading she did stress and repeated every now and then at least 4 times, "that there was a man who was going to try and take something away from me be very very careful". This revelation actually did come very true.
Another point is when she told me that someone is away right now and is going to come and see you, but when you see them, you will be very glad that you did. Again, this very very true as at the time, I could not understand this prediction untill my father had pastaway, and I was able to see him for that time as I knew him. My parents were split up for quite sometime and my father was living with someone else that he had known previously in his life when he was younger. He had developed cancer to which I did not know of until a very short time prior to my meeting him. when his cancer progressed, so did his personality and disposition he was just not the same person after that last visit I had with him as he was and as I remember him being.
These predictions and others that she had made had long lasting effects through the years after the reading. Since then I have been to a few readers but have never had the truely remarkable, magical experience as I had with this particular master card reader in Winnipeg. When she spoke as she was reading, you could actually hear and feel the wisdom and power of truth from her that you just could not help but feel and notice, turning into an experience that is unforgettable for the rest of my life.
Thank you for reading my personal experience and I hope that what I have conveyed and shared with you, can and will help someone here in their ongoing study and development with the Tarots.


Thanks for sharing this with us, Brian :) I certainly enjoyed reading it. And, by the way, welcome!!!