A message from my angels/guides


What would the angels like to tell me about an upcoming situation regarding Xx was my question.

Using the message from your angels deck Doreen virtue.


Here's an image;

1) General theme of the day;
- Daniel

2) Possible block
- Desirèe

3) angels guidance to help heal this block

4) Possible out come based on current things and circumstances.

I've included an image with the card & a brief descriptions of their meanings in the link above.

My take on the spread

General theme of the day, situation or relationship;

Okay I feel Daniels guidance for the situation/ relationships is about allowing me to heal from my past. I feel I've been put on this path so I can move on and allow others in my life. I feel this is all about embracing new experiences which this is for me any way, and I feel this is suggesting that it's time for a fresh start. I feel this is why I have been sent on a path with Xx at this moment in time to allow my self to heal and open up to new opportunities.

The Possible block in the situation between Xx and I I feel is suggesting that decisions still need to be made within the situation and it's not one that's going to be made quickly, it needs time and nourishment in order for things to flow. I feel that if there's pressure to make a decision at the moment it won't bring happiness it will only bring sadness and distraction. I feel my angles or guides want me to be patient whilst things are being thought over. I feel I'm being advised to wait until both of us have a clear mind and we're able to talk. (Which not so long a go a friend messaged me saying I need to wait and have patience).

My guides/angles guidance to help heal the block in the situation and to help allow it to flow again;

Shanti -I feel is suggesting that she is bringing peace and tranquility along to the way we think about what has happened between us, maybe we can even be a little more optimistic about the situation once we've had time to breath and think things over, I feel shanti wants me to know that from here things in the future will be a lot easier between Xx and i and things will be able to flow more naturally like it should do.

Out come based on current circumstances/thoughts

Chantall - i feel maybe my situation between Xx and I will develop slowly into a romantic relationship filled with lots of passion, or he could help me find a romantic relationship else where. I feel my angles want me to ask them for help with this so they can do it in a better way then perhaps we would. I feel that either way maybe the situation between Xx and I will lead to a romantic endeavour maybe between him and I or someone else I meet through him?

Any thoughts? X