A question about Sabian Symbol readings


I have been working with the SS for a while, but I do not have seen any spread to do readings with them like you do with other divination systems. Does anyone here use spreads for more than one sign readings? Do you think that some spreads for Tarot and oracles would be suitable for SS. I will really appreciate your comments. Blessings,



Zelmira, I only use the SS in combination with astrology myself.


so many ways to use 360 symbols

great question
I use a number of methods
1- random ss
2 - random ss plus the ss either side ie pulls Virgo 18 as main then use Virgo 17 and 19 as assistants
3- 5 star method - pull a ss then calculate the next 4 using +72 this gives a really good 'story' in a time line
4- 5 in a row - just pull 5 SS and read them as you wold tarot
5- Astrologically - using them for personal astrology and crystal astrology readings
6- I have beads that a lovely forum member made me years ago - 12 star signs and 30 numbers and I randomly pull those - use those to do readings
7 - I have 360 numbered cards and I use them as you would a tarot card and I just look up which SS is for each reading
8- the wheel - 12 ss cards like a clock.. gives good time information

- any other method that takes my fancy which I invent on the spare of the moment given the resources at hand..

With the Sabian Symbols I have found in about 90% of cases one Sabian Symbol is what is required to answer most questions... the additional cards provide a little help.. but I know that's a personal thing..