A question about The Fool

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I'm new to the fey so Hello peeps :D
I don't know if anyone still posts on this forum but I'll ask my question just in case ;)

The Fool - Now I know that this card is about beginnings etc. but I just don't seem to get that from this card, I see distraction and missed opportunities..Should I stick with the feeling I get or with what it's supposed to mean, the only reason I ask is that the cards are supposed to be structured to cover every possibility so If I start putting my own meanings to them because of what i feel, they will no longer be structured correctly ??

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stick with your intuitions

I would stick with your intuitions. The Fey Tarot has a way of opening up your intuitive side, and the meanings become clearer, and go deeper, with every meditation on the card. I love the gesture in the Fool card. He's contemplating the jack-o-lantern, and gesturing to himself, almost in a "Who, me????" sort of way. I have seen a very old picture of a Fool card in which the Fool holds a wand with a likeness of himself ahead, almost like the carrot on a stick for the donkey, prodding him forward. In this card, the Fool's split colored dress and locked crown indicate much integration has yet to take place, but I prefer his meditative gaze on the glowing pumpkin to someone so distracted they're about to fall off a cliff!! :) Enjoy the deck! and enjoy the images each time you return to them. Each time you do so you'll see more! BB, Michael



Regarding posting, just explore the thread and post. I'll bet you awaken somebody's interest. :) BB, Michael

pickled pixie

Thanks for posting Tarobones :)

I love your description of the card and am already seeing it in a different way!!!
I really lurrrrve these cards :D
Also how do you meditate on the cards? I find it really hard as my mind tends to wander...do you close your eyes and picture the cards or do you just keep staring at the card looking for new things?

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That damn Fool!

The Fey Fool -- a most imaginative card image, one that is quite different. When I saw this tarot figure I just had to wood-carve it. Right now I have a book box with the Fool in full three dimensions mounted on the cover. Yes, he is distracted. The jack-o-lantern is something new to his experience, that's for sure. He doesn't seem to know what it is, what its purpose is, how he should react to this puzzling item. His look of astonishment and posture shows how little experience he has in life. He is naive, inexperienced, immature and lacking self-knowledge and confidence, without perspective and context to place the events of his journey within. He must be on a journey to have encountered something so unusual to him, but the situation suggests he has barely started on his journey. His lack of self-awareness is shown also by the many keys on hs person and the empty key-hole in his crown -- I doubt he even realizes that the keys might match up to the key hole in his crown. So, this card certainly makes it point over and over -- as if trying to educate us! Quite an image. Dave


Hi! And let's get this study group going again! I'm always seeing new things in these cards, and my understandings have solidified so much since last year that I'm more ready to jump in now. [My shadow side is Gloominous Doom from that other faery deck!!]

I see the Fool (don't like that word, really) as being a kid in a way, naive and inexperienced - because, he has all these keys readily available to him yet he has not fitted one into the lock in his bonnet!! His brain, or understanding, his maturation, is still locked up -- and here he has all these keys, the right key(s), dangling hap-hazardly all around him. I see this now as how we all start off in life. (well, most of us)

I am more and more finding that putting the Majors in 3 horizontal rows of 7, with the Fool alone at the top as the Journeyer (sp), makes good sense. The 7, the 14 (justice, judgement) and 21 all mark ends of learning phases. By card 21 - the World - our young foolish person has integrated all aspects of himself into his being. He is whole. Not my idea or anything; just beginning to understand what various authors have been talking about. :)



Three groups of seven . . .

Three groups of seven . . . this is a topic that Rachel Pollack covers deeply in her books, along with the three stages of becoming that three cards in a row signify.

As for the study group, yes, that is a good suggestion. Tarotbear started doing a daily draw outside of this study group which seemed to draw energy and focus away from this area. In the past, Luanlafey, myself and many others carried on quite a discussion here. I'd like to see us go beyond a single card in some of the threads and discuss small spreads or cards in a certain spread position, etc. This would start to make the Fey applicable to a "real" situation that we each, as readers, might encounter. Dave


Dave -
"in certain positions" do you mean like how a card changes "faces" depending on where it shows up, or under what heading?

Maybe ... like how Card X changes as it pregresses through, oh I don't know, a PPF spread??

Or -- take any 3 cards, and read with them in each way that they can be arranged in the same 3-card spread. Moving them around, but keeping the question the same. And seeing if we don't come up with pretty much the same answer no matter which order the 3 cards themselves turn up. It can be done!!


I'll even start!

pickled pixie

I think getting this forum going again is a great idea :D I understand the fool card so much more than I did before writing this thread so would love to learn more about the other cards and how to intergrate them into readings!!!
you may have to bear with me though as I am a complete beginner to tarot!

dadsnook- I would love to see piccies of the book box if you've got any :)

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