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in your opinion does a devil card mean anything if it appears in a reading for one in which the card appears in the future influence


Um, well, yes, it means something, but you really can't take this card out of context (what's the rest of the spread like?)--nor can you take it literally. Which I suspect you are. The future influence is not going to be a literal devil or demon or even "evil." It is unlikely that the querent is going to be lured into a Satanic cult. What could happen, though is this:

1) The person may fall under the influence of a smooth talking, charismatic, powerful person who will lead them astray. He/She will influence the person to ignore their conscience or responsibilies, and to give into the pleasure principle. He'll talk them into staying out late, getting drunk, going to wild parties, etc. This may not be a bad thing. We all know people who need to losen up, relax, experiment and enjoy.

2) On the other hand, this "devil" could also influence the person to, yes, do bad things. Try drugs, ignore commitments, experiment in dangerous, illegal activities. Or, this "Devil" could be emotionally, mentally or even physically abusive to the querent, influencing them in ways they don't even know they're being influenced.

3) Finally, the card may indicate the influence not of a person, but of an addiction, a desire. Again, this might not be so terrible. You've been on a long-term diet, you walk into an ice cream store, see your favorite flavor, lust after it, and finally, buy yourself some. Hey, you deserve it. It's not wrong to have a scoop of ice cream once in a while. Enjoy it.

4) Then again, the influence could be nasty. It could mean that the person is going to give into an old addiction, or a desire for something that's really no good for them--from sex, to drugs, to food, to gambling, to a bad crowd. They're going over to the "dark side" if you will.

This is why you can't take the card out of context. Knowing if the influence is going to be a person or a thing, and if that person or thing is going to be bad or a well-earned indulgence depends on all the other cards in the spread. If you're the querent here, however, I'd simply take this as a warning. The person or thing that will be influencing you in the near future is, at the very least, wild and chaotic. It may not be wrong to give into that influence, but know what you're doing and why.


Well Thirteen I think that pretty well sums it up *LOL*.

I find that more times than not when the Devil comes up in my readings it is about temptation (as pointed out by several of Thirteen's examples).

Glad you chose to pose your quetion on the Forum, as I told you I knew you would get some really good feed-back here. I could never had answered it alone as eloquently or completly as Thirteen has.


Also, it can mean ignoring the truth (refusing to hear the truth), being in denial, or fear. I like to feel that it represents more of an attitude rather than an event, although Thirteen's definitions are great ones. I find a lot of times with people I have read for, the Devil refers to feeling lost like there is no hope. Also it can be focusing on the material instead of the spiritual. I hope this shed some light on the issue as well.


in my readings the devil usually represents a form of temptation........although the deck i usually use doesn't have a devil card.....it's devil's play (voyager) and represents celebrations and possible drug use....depending on the cards around it.

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ps the theme here is..........what does it mean to you?

Major Tom

Quote:Originally posted by Jewel
Well Thirteen I think that pretty well sums it up *LOL*.

I could never had answered it alone as eloquently or completly as Thirteen has.

*lol* I've got to echo this. Thirteen most definitely has a talent for writing and I love her for her willingness to share it. I'm still waiting for her first book. })

To quote Uncle Jerry Garcia: "A friend of the Devil is a friend of mine". })

I've always found the Devil to represent a voluntarily entered and maintained trap of some sort - much like Thirteen's examples. It can often represent attachment.


Like Major Tom, I find the Devil card often represents attachment. For me, that is often attachment to a material something and is a sign that a person's power has been voluntarily given away and that they don't recognise what they've done. For example, someone who hates their job but has chained themselves to the material things and status and power which the job represents for them. And they just don't recognise the trap, or believe that it is a voluntary one ...